C2 Command and Control - Denied*

Date 08/21/2019
Name BlueFalcnActual
Server Liberation
Type Add
Link to mod. Prefer Steam Link, but any link is acceptable.


Reason to add or remove mod.
C2 Command and Control

A great tool i came across while researching for ways to control AI, mainly for the new Liberation server and possibly Altis if AI were to be added in the future.
This mod makes the interface and controlling AI a lot easier, yet allows more advanced options. From what i can tell, it also fixes quite a few issues with the vanilla command system.

1,313 user 5 star rating on community workshop
Only requires CBA3 to run
It is client side, not server side
Fixes some of the ‘bug’ issues that the vanilla commands have sometimes

Denied - Already tested, uses restricted commands

Looking into allowing -

Still testing