[ Campaign ] - Operation Blindfold - Episode: Two [ Completed ]


[ Drill Sergeant ]Hammer Head: “Bravo squad, attention!”

[ Intel Officer ]White: “At ease soldiers. Gentlemen… On the 17th November 2019, at 17:00 EST hours. Alpha squad was dispatched on a mission near the town of Selakano.
Their task which through our gathered intelligence, was to secure confidential documents that could have benefited our men immensely. Unfortunately, as much as we regret
the facts of the outcome of their mission. We know that they are still alive, and are being held hostage.
We have received information on their last known location. They had been moved to Feres Airfield, which is located north east of Selakano.
From what we gather, they may have been moved to a secure location elsewhere. We must find where this is and bring our boys back home safely.
As our reputation between civilian population still remains stable. We can communicate with them and figure out the possible location.
Once we find that out. Your mission will be a stealth operation. You will be para dropped near the objective to continue on foot.
Make sure that you gather enough intel before you move in to the target location. We must not alert ANYONE, otherwise this entire mission will be a failure.
In other words, their lives depend on you. So make every step count.
you will receive confidential files for the objective later to assist you with your mission.
Good luck soldiers.”

[ Drill Sergeant ]Hammer Head: “What’s that? Are those tears I’m seeing? Who gave you sack of cabbages permission to wipe your nasty filth over military uniforms!?
You are no longer babies! Well… Are you? You ugly manlings! Bring back Alpha squad and maybe then I’ll give you the opportunity to have your Romeo and Juliet time later!
Move it, Move it! Get your unwelcoming back sides out of my sight, double time!”


  • Travel to Feres Airfield and gather intel from civilian population.
  • Locate enemy HQ and plan a route of approach
  • Locate and Secure hostages
  • Do not alert enemies in the area
  • Eliminate targets that will get in the way
  • Travel at least 1km - 2km on foot to a safe location, then call for evacuation support


  • Use silenced .45 / 9mm caliber rounds to minimise sound and maximise stealth
  • Thermal goggles and scopes will be advantageous
  • Try to take down enemy units using as little ammunition as possible per target
  • Do not harm any civilians in the area
  • Do not alert any civilians in the area
  • Make sure to bring no explosives, no smokes, focus primarily on your rifle.
  • Use weapons that every member has access to, to have better understanding of your environment
  • Split in to groups of 3 and spread out for better control of the battlefield


Sunday 22:00 GMT / 17:00 EST
24th November 2019




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Sounds interesting.

22:00 GMT sounds good, ill try to jump in and play.

Thank you to those who have participated in my mission.
Your assistance helps me develop my abilities further.
I will be expecting you around more often with future missions.

Giving me feedback will help me out quite a bit.
If you have anything to say, you can post it here or let me know on TeamSpeak.