CAS (And Surrender time)

For starters, I know that CAS is meant to be a supportive role in NAK Quicksilver, But even when you have a dedicated JTAC or UAV op CAS is barely useful for anything other than showing off. The Pylons are all loaded up with weaponry that is ineffective at killing anything other than soft targets, and the AA sites are seriously Overpowered with 2 sites and unlimited munition. By the time ground destroys Both AA sites CAS is already useless by that time.
Anyone who’s flown CAS on Quicksilver knows how useless CAS is, not only do you get limited planes per restart you also get a random plane which may mean you get an aircraft that’s completely useless. The only aircraft in my opinion and the opinion of some others that has a decent pylon is the Neophron and even then it’s still not that good.

As a footnote surrender time for A.I takes too long, by the time you start surrendering them they’ve already killed you. It may be more doable if the time was cut in half or even by 1/3.
Thank you for listening to my ranting and have a good Day/Night
~Takashi Ryu

The CAS features are part of the core functionality of the Quicksilver code, and we do not have any plans to change it at this time. We will look at it in the next development cycle.

As far a surrendering AI, I believe the time is correct. Look at the Gitmo leader boards and you can see many players have no problem making the AI surrender. The key is to sneak up on the AI. Players in the Sniper and JTAC roles will have an easier time sneaking up on AI, each have advantages in noise and visual detection.

Alright, thank you for the quick reply time and for reading over my post, have a great night vile, Cheers.

I think it’s time for you to join my squad on the ground Mr Tak.
You’ll entertain yourself around us.
Specially with me driving ofcourse.