Changes to Tanoa - Live Now

Bridges added to connect all islands by road
Removed randomization on vehicle spawning
Added one or more of each NATO vehicle
Added black skins to each vehicle used in the AO to differentiate NATO from OPFOR and Independent vehicles
Changed CAS planes to Wipeout and Neophron
Changed CAS loadouts to include a wide mix of pylons including scalpels
Added Kajman for fighter pilots use
Added 5 new side missions.

Can’t wait to get off of work to see the changes and new missions. Getting Armor to the AO via ground is possible now. Five new missions equals five times more fun, challenging, funny moments that are possible due to these updates. The addition of bridges will improve playtime drastically, being able to get armor to missions will decrease the time it takes to capture an objective making for a more fluid experience and also the possibility of playing multiple missions in just one session of play (not that I don’t already play multiple missions already, it will just be a little quicker.). Thank you NAK Squad we appreciate it.

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