CIA Altis mission

I was doing the CIA operative today with William tesla ,rodhzy and m.lang and we successfully completed the mission ,travelling over 20km, i feel this was a great accomplishment and the +5 reward wasn’t reflective of the effort and time gone in to it.
i was feeling a higher points reward would be more beneficial for attempting the mission.
maybe 5km or less +5 , 5km to 10km +10 points , and 10km and over +20 points.
I don’t know how feasible this would be and I understand this isn’t really a priority , but it is just a suggestion.

Also IF you complete the mission with TMAN you should get +1000 points and a special ts badge , as i have tried three times with him and we ALWAYS fail. lol

keep up the great work guys…PATMOSS

I love doing the CIA missions due to their dynamic quest and adventure. While I do agree that it may be discouraging to have +5 points for completing such a long journey with a high fail rate (especially with usually a small squad), I think +5 or +20 points don’t make a huge difference.

I have mentioned in the past if ground transport should receive more points (especially since their only source of points is the objective and not getting kills), but in the end it doesn’t matter since its such a small amount. You get more points for taking out a few enemies or tanks in like a minute than it would take to complete the entire mission or any other for that matter. With that being said, I think the main incentive is just doing the mission with your friends and figuring out new strategies and coming across new challenges.

Other than the ground transport not being engaged (by getting kills=points) I think its fine, even though after a long journey its funny to hear “we get 5 points for all of THAT??” lol

Thank you for commenting on my post taxi service , I agree with you’re assessment that the challenge is reward in itself but I feel the size of the challenge could be better reflected by the points. You can be dropped off at different locations and earn + 20 for taking transport , which you just sit in a helicopter for . It isn’t a big issue for me , just thought I’d voice my opinion.

I agree with the suggestion. The reward for the CIA Operative should be higher, especially when we take into account how much effort and cooperation it takes to complete such a mission.

Maybe closer to +100 for CIA?

The problem with giving points above what we do right now is due to the way the point system is written.

The current point system gives points for the completion of a mission to anyone that is near the objective when it ends. So for the CIA mission, anyone near where the CIA operator is delivered receives points.

To give significant points for missions would require a MUCH more complex system than we have or ever intended. We would have to write logic to decide what participation includes (driving the CIA vehicle, being near the CIA vehicle, shooting AI near the CIA vehicle); We would have to record everyone that participates in a mission; We would have to record when the player started to participate; When a player stopped participating, We would have to decide how long someone needs to participate before they get points. We would have to record points and try to assign the points multiple times, in case someone respawns but still participated enough to earn points, the list goes on. All of this is not part of vanilla Arma so on top of the extended development time, it will have a negative effect on server performance.

For the most part, completing any mission will generally get the same points, so that there is little incentive for a player to just halo to the mission when it is close to completion to get the points.

In regard to the points for taking a transport vehicle, this was to encourage players to take transport vs halo as requested by many pilots. It was an effort the provide transport pilots a task without drastically changing the way players like to play on NAK servers (halo).

We do have plans for changes to the server point system, but it will never be to the level that you are asking for. As we get closer to releasing an update we will announce the changes. Changes to the server are progressing slower than normal due to the real lives of the NAK coders getting in the way.

So much conflab around this much over rated mission.

What about say, the scientist mission in the main AO, where the scientist is rarely interviewed to get the bomb code?

So we just go ahead and guess a wire and get a team mate to pick us up and pull us out if we choose the wrong one. Creating a failed mission out of the scientist.

Small problems really… acceptable imperfection on the best damn ARMA server around…

Thank you for you’re reply VileAce , I understand your reasoning and agree :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

How about rewarding people who are near the CIA after each attack 5 points?

ie after each enemy spawn during the escort if the CIA survives award points to those near by then (re: issue with giving a large reward at the end because those at inf spawn get a freebie.)

Good idea sycholic. I’ll have to look at the code. 5 points for every wave may be a little much but based on that idea I can at least distribute the points across the mission.

Was just throwing the idea itself out there.
My thought was… this lets you do some scaling for the reward overall maybe not even 5 for each encounter just 3 or something. I couldnt even say how many encounters lets say a CIA escort from the Hotel (real short) vs like from Castle on the west side of the map… I just threw up a #.

Didnt we used to get 50 pts for completion at one time?

Also suggest a massive fine if you kill the CIA. Its getting old randoms just walk up and execute him just as you about to secure’m.

We have penalties for failing missions on the list for future updates as mentioned in UPCOMING SERVER CHANGES, but we will not be removing points. We will be doing something to make the next mission harder or add an additional task in the next mission. We really do not want to discourage players from playing because they lose points.

So long as the fault of the failure falls at the feet of the true cause. Having a penalty for participating in missions that fail, through no fault of your own, doesn’t seem like much incentive.

Shoulda read the release first… :slight_smile:
No individual blame… so we all pay, nice, more points to be made, and that’s all good.

I think everyone has got totally the wrong idea. Im not talking during the escort. Im talking someone flat out kills the CIA ‘before’ the person is secured ie. pre-vehicle phase. ie. instant fail mission over before it really started. ie. someone walks up and flat out shoots the CIA operative. That person so should be penalized, Im not talking everyone or more then one person talking about the lone person who’s lack of PID and fire control ruins the mission for everyone else. This happens alot stab in the dark on odds like 1 in 3 CIA missions…

I was thinking fine like -50$ or something instead of going the whole hardcore suggestion person gets a 1 day suspension why? because thats the FF rule break isnt it? hmm.??? (said tongue in cheek but this actually is true isnt it in a sense?)