Closed - An disrespectful ADMIN

It’s not good for this server that an admin (WalkerCJ Nickel) does not answer why I got ban. He’s lying because he did not answer me why. He was disrespectful as it should not be an admin in this server.

If you look at the link he did not answer me here either.

@GenosseKnallfrosch if you have issues with another player, report them for their behaviour to an admin. Posting here is does not contribute to the current misconduct report submitted by player Rozhman.

EDIT: Not up for argument. This thread is about supposed misconduct of admin Walker CJ.

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. I took the time to review your 1-day ban appeal and I also spoke with the admin involved.

Your chief complaint is that Walker did not inform you as to why you were banned. You were banned for “RULE #4) NO GRIEFING OR HARASSMENT”, which is the violation you acknowledged in your ban appeal and the message your were given on the server.

Your ban appeal was placed 01-15-21 and he replied to that on 01-16-21. In that reply he stated the following:
Last night on TS3, I explained in detail to you the process that was used to ban you. Each time I spoke, you blatantly and repetedly interrupted me with your demands that I delete the ban. I have no plans to spend my time explaining it to you again.Although he did not specifically address the elements of the ban in that statement, he did provide information that you were informed, or that he attempted to inform you in TeamSpeak. It is possible that due to being upset with the ban itself, you did not hear the explanation, or that the explanation was miscommunicated due to speaking over each other.

Just for clarification, but not to be used to debate the ban, the detailed reason for your ban, in part, was based on multiple reports of you damaging vehicles and then airlifting a bobcat away, preventing its use by other players to repair vehicles. As is the description of the rule violation, you were given a 1-day ban for:
Griefing or Harassment is viewed as the act of intentionally irritating and angering users through the use of language, forcing team kills, hampering or interfering with other users use of a server, or being a general annoyance to the server and more.Our admins are encouraged to speak with players about a ban to relieve any questions surrounding it. Often times, players either know exactly what they did to receive the ban or they want to vent about the rule being enforced against them. Part of the communication process can be hindered if someone is emotional, argumentative, or when there is a failure for each person to speak without interruption. When emotions are involved, sometimes the best way to handle the ban is to file a ban appeal. This allows one time to cool down and clearly commit thoughts to writing for proper review and response.

Your ban was set for one day, which is reasonable, if not lenient, and has since been expired. Based on the information provided here, I do not see substantial evidence of a misconduct violation.