Closed (Inactivity) - Player misconduct - Ghost Recon

Hello there!

Some friends and I (all from Brazil) used to play on a brazilian server until a player “Soldado da FARC”, aka “Ghost Recon”, aka “Comando Vermelho”, aka “Sam Fisher” etc started a speach campaign to change the traditional server parameters. He asked the server owner for “admin” privileges only to be able to restart any time he wanted. And which ones? Every time he died and got a count on deaths. So, we found the NAK servers with all the professionalism and organization and started to play here but TODAY, that guy has found me on MALDEN and commited a TK. If you guys have the log, please check. I just got out to report. Thursday, Nov 21st, 19:10h GMT (more or less). His steamid is 516109437 and his steamid64 is 76561198992484602. We would like to have this guy banned from your servers and we´d like to help in any means to have that.

We will look into the issue. Unfortunately, when you joined the help room, I was at work in a meeting and was unable to help. If the player continues to harass you, please do not retaliate, just continue to do what you did today and we will take the appropriate action.

I appreciate your attention and I am sorry for had bored you at your work.
I am going to do exactly as you say. No retaliation and I am gonna get some printscreens.

Thank you very much. For me and my squad.

This report has been closed as there has been no additional information provided as of 12-11-19.