Closed - Misconduct by Naran


I was playing at 11:26 PM PST on 8/15/22. When in-game, one of the other players (Friction), frustratingly reported being shot down by Naran (who was in the friendly Shikra) while in the Blackfoot. He then repeated shortly later that he was shot down in the Black Wasp. I eventually transitioned to flying and was locked by Naran at close-range upon commencing my maneuvers for final approach to land at the USS Freedom while in a Black Wasp. I verbally called out Naran and received no feedback; I also tried reaching him via Side Channel and did not receive anything. While I get that wild Fox 3’s happen, given the above, this seems to potentially be unlikely. Since no Admin was online at the time, I wanted to report it here. I also noticed when posting that there was a previous thread on Naran that may be of reference.

Thank you for your consideration,


Can attest, he needs a ban

Also to add onto this, he said he enjoys getting a rise out of people when he teamkills. How he got away with this for so long is beyond me.

Thank you for bringing this up, I will be personally dealing with this once when I boot up today. This active aggression in team killing will not go unpunished. Thank you again for taking the time to explain the situation.

Kind Regards~

This is not the first time with this player I had an issue with him last month and reported it. I hope it gets resolved.


Thank you for looking into this.