Closed - Misconduct: Eagle

Player: Eagle
Reason: Appears to have no care for rules at all, repeatedly goes into pilot slots and UAV without being on teamspeak. Sometimes reportedly AFKs in them as well (reported by other players), was made aware of the rules multiple times by several players and even reported in global chat.

I logged in this morning to find yet again this player breaking rules again. Pilots in TS complained about nothing having been done so far (for quite a while apparently) so i felt it was necessary to bring this to admin attention here.


Thanks for reporting Smurf, if next time you could gather some evidence in the form of screenshots or video, it would be helpful. On the meantime we will keep an eye on him

SteamID: 76561198001052136

Ah yes forgot about that, sorry ~
Next time i do this stuff i’ll have at least one screenshot for evidence o7