Closed - Misconduct Report - Crater

Offender’s Name: Crater
Description of the offense: Insufficient effort put into the reviewing of a ban appeal.
Server misconduct occurred on: TS3.
Approximate time and date the offense occurred: 19/08/2021
Were there admins online? If yes which ones? Crater
Screenshot, recording or other evidence (if available*)

As each time that I stood up, I’ll be happy to do so again. In my opinion, the reviewing of this ban appeal to which the link is attached to has been reviewed incorrectly, and handled both poorly, and unprofessionally.

According to the explanation given to me in TS3, admin Crater, and admin Megadeathking both state clearly that I called the latter (Megadethking) not an admin. Which I have never done.

I know the rules as well as all the admins, and I know the line. If I mess about, and fool around other admins and players I never cross any lines, and I never try and ruin anyone’s reputation. Especially with the admins in training as I know what that process entails. I have never done a comment that was meant to be harmful, and if I stated something along those lines, it was simply taken either too personally, or out of context as, I admit, I like to mess about and joke, but never cross any real rules that might lead to any punishment.

The discussion that has been held in team speak with Crater revealed to me another side which I was not aware of, as, it turns out that he’s allegedly admitted to losing respect towards me, which, to me comes as a surprise. But regardless of our personal interaction, when he “helped” me deal with the ban appeal, at the end of the day it just came to a simple “No.”

The reason for this whole thing, as I stated to him personally, and which was disregarded, is not the ban in itself, but the point behind it. If I did something wrong, I’ll take the blame gladly, but I have never. Never, went too far. Yes. I get close, and I push some of the rules, and yes, I’m aware of that, but I’ve never breached any of them, intentionally or not.

Plus, I never got to speak with the admin that caused the ban directly, and instead the situation was for whatever reason handled by crater, on behalf of megadeathking (Which kind of makes sense?)

As I allowed some time to pass by, and effectively considered the situation, and aptitude of admin Crater for his current position, I will be expanding upon this topic with facts, in an attempt to prove the unsuitability, and hopefully prove the necessary removal of Crater admin from his current position, based on not only current, but also past interactions that I had with him, both as a player, and an admin.

To be crystal clear, the reason as to why I’m escalating this minor situation to something so big is very much due to Crater’s own fault.

Being an honest person who has never stood down for anything when I firmly believed in a cause hasn’t changed in me, and my last interactions with him (After my return from the fairly long brake taken off NAK Squad) were negative, even if they were not involving me directly in any way shape or form.

Each time I was in the Altis Pilot #1 channel, when Admin Crater joined the channel, he wasn’t ever helpful to other players. He missed even the most basic questions asked by new players, either ignoring them, or disregarding them completely. (This has been a systematic issue that I’ve spotted every single time I was simply flying)

The “warnings” given by admin Crater were… Terrible to say the least, as instead of any sort of proper warning, or the expected 2 warnings before action has to be taken, Admin Crater clearly disregarded those, especially for pilots who were not in Teamspeak, effectively skipping steps and dealing harsher punishments for no reason. I not only question his reason, but also question his transparency and integrity.

As we go back in time, admin Crater, when I initially joined the NAK Command team was often misleading, and constantly pushed his jokes too far, which, once I got to know him more I only then realized that he was messing around. Regardless of that, I never paid much attention to it initially, and simply minded my own business.

When I started going up the ranks, and fairly quickly got on the same level as admin Crater. (Being 1st LT) each time a situation would happen where his punishments (Which were often rushed, and based on his own bias) happened, and I confronted, or at least asked about it, admin Crater would disregard my concern, either saying that he’s right, or leaving the channel as a whole. Once again, I simply let it be.

In one very distinct situation, where it involved one player admin Crater liked. (I can provide a name if it’s necessary, but I’ll do so for the Chief of Staff, for the sake of that player’s reputation) admin Crater asked me (being two ranks above him) to help with the situation, and indeed, he did de-escalate it. But only due to his personal bias to that player.

After I got to a higher rank then admin Crater, admin Crater would take 0 criticism, and his solution to any mistake which anyone could make (What I still believe to be unintentional) would lead to him leaving the channel with the words “Do whatever you want, I don’t care.” While it concerned me, I also gave some hope to seeing change in him. However, sadly as I’m writing this report, as we can clearly see that change did happen… But to a worse degree than I’d like to admit.

Based on this, and the more worrying scenarios where, admin Crater would “choose” the level of punishment based on his own bias against the players, taking rushed decisions which were often wrong, and his inability to apologize, and take any form of criticism, I fairly and honestly believe that admin Crater should be removed from his current Admin position, due to his unfitness.

My main theory is that admin Crater is starting to get fed up with the routine (Which I admit, has also happened to me. But my solution to it was different, taking short breaks that would allow me to recover my own enthusiasm, instead of simply venting on the players.)

Before any other admin, below the rank of Chief of Staff steps in, this report is valid, and does not breach any of the rules within the existing rule-set, and while admin discretion could be used, it would only further prove my own point.

If you believe that this is in breach of RULE #13) NO VERBAL ABUSE.

Harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, slanderous, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive language or cursing directed at a player is not allowed and may lead to an immediate ban. If you are having issues with another player while in-game, send a message which includes the word ‘Admin’ using the in-game chat. If an Admin is online we will be happy to help you. If there is no admin online you may file a misconduct report which will be reviewed and the appropriate action taken.

This is a valid report, and acts accordingly, it is in no way an attempt at defamation of admin Crater, as it is based on facts and situations that have been happening on a systematic level, along a fairly long term.

And before anyone believes that this is a revenge against admin Crater, no. It’s not a personal vendetta, however, I do admit that due to the last incident that I had with him, in which he clearly stated that he lost his respect for me, I am negatively biased against him. However, unlike him, I never allow my own feelings to get in the way of my decisions and my own rational thinking. And if you believe that this is something that I wanted to do for long, I’ll remind you, that I stood up for admin Crater when he needed my support, as at that time, I believed that he would change.

Now, I no longer believe so, and only think that his change will be negative, for both the players, and the server, and harmful to the reputation of NAK Command, giving a very wrong image and representation.

This situation has been addressed with the admin involved.