(Closed - No response) - OogaBoogaMan / Lynchy - Ban Appeal

Please use the temple below for your ban appeal.

  1. OogaBoogaMan / Lynchy

  2. YOUR STEAMID 64: 76561198323757872

    Arm-A-3-Screenshot-2021-01-26-18-25-21-02 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

  4. NAME OF THE ADMIN: I believe it was “J.J”

  5. APPROXIMATE DATE AND TIME OF THE BAN: 26/01/2021 at 6:00 Pm GMT


  7. ANY EXPLANATION OR JUSTIFICATION FOR WHY THE BAN SHOULD BE LIFTED: after discussing the reasoning for the ban in discord, ive been informed that i was banned for racism due to the picture of my unit i was displaying. Ive explained that I launched the game with no unit selected and it wasnt showing in game for me so i didnt notice anything. I didnt mean to be racist/supremacist at all. The only reason i have the logo is for ww2 servers. it was not my intent to use the logo on any of the NAK Servers at all and i am very sorry this happened and if i am unbanned i will make sure it does not happen Ever again.

You changed your name an hour ago to “Joseph goebbells” ??

im not playing on Nak atm whilst changing my name, only names i used on nak were “Oogaboggaman” and “Lynchy”

Also i never changed my name to “Joseph goebbells” that was my friend

Man, can’t imagine dealing with jokers like this guy all day as an admin, just reading this shit I can say I would not undo this ban. Look at the names…get real man.

I understand where your coming from, but I genuinely didn’t mean to use the unit whilst on the Nak server. Ive never trolled on the Nak servers or anything of the likes i just made a mistake.

TEXN, here,

In my experience, past history predicts future performance.

Please refrain from posting on this ban appeal, unless you were directly involved or have first hand knowledge to the facts and activities that took place, which resulted in this ban. This is not meant to be a forum for attacking the person filing the appeal, but to be a place where information is obtained regarding the ban and a decision made by administration as to the outcome of the ban and any subsequent course of action taken as a result.

I appreciate the interest in the community as to the enforcement of the rules and the integrity of the ban appeal process. This matter is currently under review and a disposition will be forthcoming.

I reviewed information relating to the ban. What I have determined is that you joined the server last year with an Arma 3 Unit logo displaying “White Pride”. I understand that you may not have had the intent on joining the server with this Unit displayed, however, the fact is that you DID join the server with the Unit displayed. I’m not saying you can’t be proud of your race, however, this is not the place to to bring racial issues and extra care needs to be taken to prevent that from occurring.

You are correct in that you did not use certain names on our servers, to an extent. The names you have recently used on our servers include OogaBoogaMan, Lynchy and Snowflake. Independently these names are not generally considered offensive, nor are they independently blatant about race. However, collectively and with the use of the prior Unit tag on our servers, it starts to paint an unwelcome picture.

I noticed that you have spent approximately 81 hours on our servers. During that time, there were a couple minor admin related issues that were ultimately resolved. Other than the suggestive names and logo, I do not see any other racially charged issues, which is to your benefit.

In summary, based on the issues above and their leaning toward racism, which normally results in a permanent ban, and after discussing the issue with the admin who placed the ban, I am going to support the ban, HOWEVER, it will be reduced to 30 days. I would highly suggest that extra effort be taken upon your return to the servers to stay clear of any issues that could be considered race based, whether blatant, implied or suggestive. Any such violation will cumulatively be considered in conjunction with this ban appeal and appropriate action taken.

Please respond in this thread to verify your understanding.

There has been no response from the originator of this ban appeal for 18 days. Due to the lack of interest in this appeal by the originator, this ban is being closed with the ban remaining in full effect.