Closed - Pilot misconduct, Tanoa

So the most egregious today specifically was:

Offender’s Name: Ricardo
Description of the offense: Playing in infantry role, hopping in transport choppers to fly himself a tank (multiple times) out to the AO, then fighting in said tanks
Server misconduct occurred on: Tanoa server
Approximate time and date the offense occurred: 5/22/21… all afternoon CST
Were there admins online? If yes which ones? : not sure, tried the help channel a couple of times and no one popped in
Screenshot, recording or other evidence (if available*): sorry, no

Aviation rules being broken on the Tanoa server is a general problem though. It happens regularly - I play on there frequently and a day when it doesn’t occur is a rare exception. I could name a couple of other names from this afternoon but man… I feel like I am the only person to ever read the pilot rules at all. The most common thing that will happen is that folks will hop in heavier transport helos (i.e. not Hummingbirds) and fly themselves around, which the rule list does not allow. The second most common thing is that (usually the same) people will then pick up others and act as a transport pilot while not in teamspeak. Terrible piloting skills and lack of basic aircraft control tend to also go along with this behavior. The third most common thing, which the ruleset says is just ‘inappropriate’, is that people will leave turbines running nonstop while just sitting on the flight line, usually after plopping themselves down right outside the barricades / narrowly missing crashing into the infantry spawn. This is fairly irritating for those of us who actually land on the designated helipads and shut down engines when not in use.

Anyway… /end rant

When these things happen, join the help room, poke an admin, or put anywhere in in-game chat: admin [PLAYERNAME] behavior. An admin will join the server or otherwise check the validity of the report and take appropriate action.

Like I said… I tried the help channels a couple times. Does the in-game chat callout need to be on any particular comm channel?

No, any comm channel will do, and it alerts every admin. You did the right thing taking it to the forums if no admins are available, though. If you see an admin on TS but away you can poke them, as well. A lot of admins are away on TS but still sitting at their computers.