Closed - Player/Admin: Crater kicked me for uniform

Offender’s Name: Crater
Description of the offense: I got kicked from the server for using the HEX stealth uniform, which I have been playing as for almost 2 years now? I’ve played along side admins in the past and no one has had an issue with it? Everyone has a blue squares there is ZERO chance for blue on blue friendly fire? What am I missing?

Server misconduct occurred on: Altis invade / annex

Approximate time and date the offense occurred: 5mins before I made this thread.

Were there admins online? If yes which ones? Crater

Screenshot, recording or other evidence (if available)*

Good day, Contr,
Using OPFOR uniform it’s not a bannable offense but it can get you kicked. We enforce this because it promotes team killing, intentional or not, if a player kills you and you are wearing that uniform it’s your fault. The kick was in place, again if you continue to use too much enemy gear it can get you killed accidentally by another player or kicked again. We don’t want people getting confused.