Closed - tyler

Offender’s Name: tyler
Description of the offense: Pilot Not on TeamSpeak, Wasting Server Assets, Fighting on the Ground while a pilot.
Server misconduct occurred on: Altis
Approximate time and date the offense occurred: 1/12/22 5:10pm EST
Were there admins online? If yes which ones?: No
Screenshot, recording or other evidence (if available*): I do but having difficulty uploading.

Notes: Not sure if this is the same tyler because I cant see his SteamID or ArmaKEY but if this the same tyler he comes on daily and does this. I’ve seen multiple people report him for the same issues in the past.

Kind Regards,
MSG. Tom

Sufficient evidence for a 1-hour ban for Rule #11.

Evidence: Past behavior

Insufficient evidence for Rules #6 and #9 (screenshot(s), recording, and/or corroborative reports needed).