(Closed) - Zeallous - TeamSpeak Name Ban Appeal

Name: Zeallous

Steam Profile: Steam Community :: daddysmad

"You are banned permanently. Reason: “Please change your name so that it matches your in-game name.”

I do not know the exact time or the admin who gave the ban. I was banned on the Teamspeak server for Invade and Annex.

I changed my name so it matches my in-game name.

I do not see the name Zeallous on the ban list for TeamSpeak. Is this the name you were under when the ban was placed? When did your ban go into effect? Were you in TS when you were banned or did you return to find you were banned?

I was not able to find any bans on any system with your name our IP. Can you provide the exact message that is being presented to you.

As for the text he is believed to be receiving, it looks like he is attempting to join the server under the name TeamSpeakUser, which is a banned name. Please set up your own profile TS name so that it does not use this default banned name of TeamSpeakUser and you should be able to join.

See the following threads for additional information:



I changed the reason for the ban when players use the name TeamSpeak User - we are very limited in the number of characters, so the reason now says “Please change your name so that it matches your in-game name. - TSU”. Hopefully having the - TSU after the reason will help differentiate between the TeamSpeak User name ban and others.

He was able to successfully join TS just now, was given permissions and agreed that the appeal could be closed.