Community Skins

I’ve been doing a lot of flying recently, and noticed that the vehicle skin menu got overhauled! While this was really exciting to see, I was sorta disappointed with how it overlays the texture for the skins. Seeing this I decided to make a couple skins for the Huron based on the black wasp!

I also made a skin for the hellcat which I’m a lot more pleased with, as it dosn’t have a mirrored texture, so I could add a bit more detail.

I didn’t know if anyone was interested in community made skins, or what the process would be for implementing them, but I wanted to bring up the topic!

A very interesting idea, I don’t think the community would disagree with this, however, in terms of implementation it’s up to the chief of staffs; to make sure that the skins are not inappropriate, and having to manually check every skin that the community ends up making. As usual, 98% of the community is going to be just fine, but that 2% will find a way to abuse this option, and it seems to me, that it would take up a lot of time for the admins. Just my 2 cents, up to the administrators.

Personally I would love to see these implemented, And many more custom-per-vehicle skins. You did a great job on those helicopters, and it looks way better seeing the skins tailored to each vehicle model, that way things dont look oddly off (Colored Wheels, sensors, other odd coverings)

There could even be a forum where players vote on skins to be implemented. Keep up the good work.

Since we introduced the vehicle skins we have allowed players to submit skins for inclusion. There are 2 types of skins in Arma. One is a full vehicle skin that is applied directly to the vehicle model, second are tiles that are tiled (repeated) across the model. The skins we are allowing are the tiles. Full vehicle skins are too large in size and would make the mission very large very quickly. Arma is horribly slow uploading files, so making the mission much larger than it already is would be a concern.

If you would like to submit a skin for the mission, you can attach it to a reply here. The requirements are

512X512 or 1024X1024
PNG or PAA (DXT1 or DXT5) file formats
No Transparency (Alpha Channel)
Images must be suitable for all audiences and not violate server rules (no drugs, politics, or religion)

Thanks for the compliment! It really means a lot when others enjoy my weird hobbies! :smiley:

Thank you for clearing that up. I assumed there might be a problem with mission loading times, especially as more skins got added. And I figured there must be a reason that tiled skins seemed to be the main focus. Oh well! :stuck_out_tongue: