Complaint of misconduct - MrSuper

Was in teamchat when MrSuper used team chat to talk to a kid who was clearly a minor. About what he liked to do in his sparetime and byhimself
This was last night at around 2200
Ready to call the police on his pedo ass if you admins won’t
Buncha sick fucking pedos.

Please file a formal report Here using guidelines Here

Please file a report using the links provided, it is the only way that I can proceed with a permanent ban. I will place a ban on MrSuper for 72 hours, hoping that you will report the incident officially. My concern is that your name does not give me confidence that it is a valid claim.

Really not much to say other than this obviously is not a representation of how the NAK community behaves nor the vast majority of its players.

I hope you find the time to file a formal complaint so that the matter can be investigated in full and handled appropriately.