Complementary Special Weapons - Already Restricted*

Date 12/01/2019
Name Matthew
Server Altis
Type Add
Name of Mod complementary Special weaponds with the Thumb over bore for M4M5, and the thumb over bore for project zenith
Link to mod. Prefer Steam Link, but any link is acceptable. Steam Community :: Error Steam Workshop::Thumb Over Bore for M4A5 (Australian Commando Weapons) Steam Workshop::Thumb Over Bore for Project Zenith
Reason to add or remove mod.
Better stance looks more real its how a lot of special operation units -Greenberret, armyranger and ect- they all use the C-clamp grip which allows better stability when aiming and maneuvering the weapon and it looks really cool with the tactical position ready MOD and it makes it look more professional. Also adds better looking M4A5 rifles

Complimentary Special weapons is a restricted mod on the server due to the OP weapons/magazines. The other mods you requested rely on Complimentary Special weapons, therefore, they will not be approved.