Connection issues

Been having a devil of a time getting onto the servers lately. Often can’t get on at all. Will get to the loading data phase and sometimes things just freeze there, or the data will load up to about 3/4 and then freeze. Have been rarely able to get the ARMA launcher to find NAK servers for the last 2-3 months. Web searches will go through 400-600 servers without finding a single NAK server - even with dedicated searches. Mostly have to use the direct log-in to get on at all, and even then I sometimes can’t even get a reaction from the servers. In the last couple days attempts to log onto Altis with the IP resulted in no response at all. It’s also common for ARMA to freeze at the Front end ARMA loading screen. I do a lot of shutting down Steam and ARMA and rebooting them these days. Thought maybe my recent change to WIN 10 might be a culprit, but today I talked to someone still running WIN 7. He was having the same ALTIS log-on troubles I had today. Like me, he was forced to try to get onto Quicksilver (we both bemoaned the loss of the Malden server) - and just like me, he was having trouble getting logged on there! Took me at least four tries today. Any suggestions?

It sounds like a network issue. All I can say is I will be happy to do some standard diagnostics to help you find the issue. Poke me on TS and I will try to get it resolved for you.

I have enabled all the appropriate ports in my firewall but it doesn’t seem to effect anything

All I can do is offer to help. There is much more to network communication than just the firewall settings. We have not seen a drop off in the number of users connecting to the server. On the contrary, our user count per day is increasing. We made a small change, 2 months ago, to the server that will increase the loading time by a few seconds to one min depending on the number of mods the player is loading. Also, in the last Arma update, BI made a couple of changes that might affect client-server connections.

Due to the complexity of the issue, it is not something that I feel safe doing via forum messages. Poke me in TS if you would like my help. You are also welcome to see if another admin is able or willing to help.

I’m not an admin, but I am an IT tech, and I do know a few things about networking. If you need help and see me around feel free to poke me, I’m sure I’ll be able to at least help in everything that’s unrelated to arma, and has more to do with general networking.

Bosco sorry I was not available yesterday, I am available for the rest of the week.