Crates form base confirmed gone after restart

6:30 PM CEST
(Server restart was at 6:15 PM CEST)
Riot Corp

5 crates de-spawned from base.
2 stayed persistent (with their respective content).
Last checked status of crates was 12 hours ago, crates were ok (I filled them in with more loot, moved them a bit locked them and used them multiple times, no problems)
Acquired during last 4 restarts of server. They were all persistent through at least 2 server restarts. They were locked in a locked down base together with persistent crates, and were used multiple of times. 2 were full, 3 were half empty. All of them acquired (2 persistent ones too) through missions. One full to brink with mines ;((((
I personally didn’t have a crate de spawning problem on the server before. The thing is that none of the crates were used differently then the 2 that persisted for some reason.

EDIT: Confirmed via Base lock down command. On lock command notice, there were 5 components less locked down now, so they are definitely de-spawned.
Hopefully this report will help locate the problem.