CSAT Clothing

We had a recent ban and ban appeal related to a player wearing CSAT clothing. Following the ban appeal, a couple players had questions, so I wanted to make a post here to try and clear up those questions.

First there is no rule explicitly saying that players can not wear enemy clothing, creating a rule for this would be difficult with the FIA on the map, we would have to prevent players from wearing a large amount of the vanilla clothing. Second, we have discussed restricting CSAT clothing in the arsenal, but because we allow players to use many uniform mods, it would be impossible to restrict all CSAT variations.

With that said, if a player is doing anything that prevents other players from playing the game in a typical fashion, then that player is in violation of rule #4. Although rule #4 does say that the player can be banned for one day for the first offense, in most cases I would prefer that the player know of the wrong doing before being banning. In the ban in question there were multiple reports from other players and G0lden did send requests to the player to change his uniform. It is often easy to tell when a player is doing something with the intent to harass other players. If that is the case, then the player may be banned without warning.

Generally a player wearing a CSAT accessory, like a helmet is not enough to distract other players. Where it becomes an issue is when a player is intentionally wearing enemy clothing so that other players are being punished for a TK, or a players is wearing so much CSAT clothing that it is hard to differentiate between CSAT and friendly and players are complaining.

Bottom line, if you are asked by an admin to change you clothing, please do so. We do not want to place too many blanket restrictions on players, but we do want to make sure that everyone is able to join the game.