Decrease in my activity.

Latelly I guess that many of you noticed that I rarelly show up to anywhere, or generally, almost never am online on the Nak Squad servers.
It would be fair to give you an explanation on why beyond the simple I can’t, as I enjoy this community, and I feel more and more at home here.

Well, aside of many other reasons the main issue I have with the events is the time, not only it is extremelly inconvenient for me (Being from Spain all of the TAC Events start at 11 PM, and end at around 2 AM, and the Tuesday events start at 2 AM and end even later I have a job to which I have to attend to, and it becomes impossible to work tired, specially with the summer heat. This is the main reason why I almost never show up to the events.

When it comes to the Nak Squad servers the main issue here becomes time. I don’t want to wait around 10 minutes to set myself up, to then just play around 20, and leave, once again, due to quite a few other reasons, but mainly my couple. This year hasn’t been the best year for the both of us, and she’s dealing with depression, so I do really have to pay quite some more attention to her rather then anything else.

These days I tend to play fast paced games where I can leave at any point (That means mostly Offline games like cities skylines) or at least that the matches don’t take too long (Rocket League with 5 minute games).

It’s not a secret to anyone that I really enjoy the Nak Squad servers, and really like interacting with the community and the people around here, so I guess this would be a deserved explanation to the ones who were wondering… I do try to get on ocasionally, but as I stated earlier, its quite demoralizing having to wait for a loading time, setting up the teamspeak, getting myself ready, to then leave in a couple of minutes without accomplishing anything at all besides either getting killed, or crashing a jet.

This is not a goodbye, this is more of a “I’ll be back” moment.

Well William,
I totally understand what you are going through right now. personly I have similar issues, tho I am trying to attend NAK Tac missions as I want to do the storyline with the others. I can tho have short sleep times sometimes and that’s why I can take some time for NAK Tac missions.
I wish you manage your stuff with her and enjoy the Sunshine of this summer. And hopefully, see you soon after all of this again!
Keep in touch in the chat with us so we know when you come back.
Have a good one buddy

Glad to hear that you’re doing well. Stop by and say hey to everyone whenever you get the time. We’ll catch you around soon


You take care of business man, your health and situation is more important to handle. We’re always here when you have the time, and we’re here if you need anything don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile:

William, if you feel the need to talk, or need an assistance, advice or just an ear for your troubles, please don’t hesitate to find me on TS for a chat.

Home’s gotta come first man. Good luck to you and your girl… i knows all about depression… not fun

I appreciate the support, and will try to get the most out of this shitty year :slight_smile:

Will do, I’ll try to swing by the teamspeak and join at random times whenever I manage to get a “decent” amout of time for gaming. (At least a couple of hours :stuck_out_tongue:)

Can’t say my health is in bad shape, but I really appreciate the offer, and will gladly take it whenever I see you around, just to hang out and have a laugh (Also help you out with your scientific expermentation :stuck_out_tongue:)

Thanks for the offer, if I ever feel like I need to I’ll gladly join you!

Thanks… And indeed, no fun at all… Even though hopefully she’ll manage to overcome that, she is attending to a psychologist as well as I try to do my best to support her… So I hope it won’t get too bad… Only time will tell!
Thanks for the response guys, I do appreciate the feedback on this.