Denap - TS ban appeal

  1. denap
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  3. You are banned permanently. Reason: “Encourages players to set up a nickname and not join w/default”
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  7. I am not sure why I was banned in TS with the message above, i have always been a peaceful, kind player who likes to fly transport and always goes out of his way to pick up armor from old AOs, and i do not recall this situation even occurring that i WOULD encourage something like that, even if i did, i would not think a perma ban was appropriate, funny enough, my last sign onto the server was one day ago, a year ago, so i cannot recall the scenario. But it strikes me as odd, please shed some more light on this for me. I kindly ask it to be explained, so i can learn not to do it again (whatever it is that i did). I dont want to come off as a snobby ungrateful player, you guys do great work and i want to be a part of the community again, specifically the pilot side. Please unban me! thank you!

You’re being kicked from TS when joining due to having “TeamSpeakUser” in your user/nick-name. Connect with your Arma username, not TeamSpeakUser, regardless if you change to the correct name after joining.

Go to and click our TeamSpeak button in the top left to join. This will create a new bookmark for you automatically with a default name which will still allow you to join.