Denied (1 Day) - Ban Appeal


Banned rule 14 expires 9/30/2019 1:36 AM
Vileace )136 AM, Liberation

Hello sir, It was only myself and my cousin, Buttercup, on the server at the time, I am currently 3 sheets to the wind and my oldest son had his first date for his High school home coming dance tonight. Since it was only my cousin and i on the server, I commented on how my son is a “Pimp” and swimming in “pussy” for the fact that after the dance, he returned home with 3 girls and only him after the dance. I made this comment knowing it was only him(my cousin buttercup) and myself on the server at the time. I know this is only a 1 day ban but with how I only play on NAK servers and with it only being myself and family on the liberation server at the time, I was respectfully requesting this ban be removed from my account listing as it was a fluke from a drunken idiot to his cousin and did not affect any other players experience. if you look at my account, I have a near spotless record other than a mis communication/ error on my part back in June of 2019. Since Nak has become my server of choice since discovering it, I am willing to serve the 1 day ban but respectfully request the ban be removed from my account as it was an error in communication / judgement to my family member, only other member on the server atm, about my son.

Thank you for your time.


The rules have no conditions/exceptions for how many players are on the server or which channel you are in when broadcasting an inappropriate message. The rules apply at all times in all channels. The ban was appropriate for the content of the message. Please take it as a learning experience, and you are welcome to return when the ban expires.

Understood. Thank you for your time and consideration.