Denied (1-Day) - Neil - 24Hr ban for language

Teamspeak: Neil
Steam I.D: Steam Community :: Neilio
Ban message: You are banned temporarily. Reason: “Language - 76561198085760271”
Try again in 23:47:03
Was banned by VileAce, was banned around 23:53:14
Was banned from COOP Altis, Was a Pilot.
ive been playing on the server all day and and I wasnt given a warning, nor did I say anything excessively explicit or vulgar, id like to atleast know what I said to apologize, im Canadian and our new legalization laws are taking an effect on my memory :man_shrugging: ive been having a great time on the server and was hoping to keep playing

You did in fact use crude language directed at another player, and while I was in the channel your language was well outside the acceptable level on the server. I did try to provide you a warning but you spoke over me about having sexual relations with another players mother. Im am sure that it was done as a joke, but it is against the server rules. After your ban I was told that your language had been in violation of the server rules for quite a while.

Please make sure to read the rules so it does not happen again (links below), but be aware that any excessive cursing or cursing at another player is in violation of server rules.A lot of players do not understand our stance on cursing, but it is a maturity issue and an issue of respect. We want everyone to feel welcome on the servers and when there is someone cursing constantly and making crude remarks, it drives players away.

I read through the rules and I understand now where I went wrong, I thought people saying “Language” was as a joke because I thought it was a different kind of Mature server, I didnt mean any ill intentions and ill make sure to correct myself in the future.
Could I please have the ban lifted I was hoping to play today, I had never received my first offence for language, I will make sure to clean my act up.

First offense: Kick
Second offense: 1 day ban
Third offense: 7 day ban
Fourth Offense: Permanent ban

I’m going to leave the ban. It is very frustrating when a player who has been on the server for 11 hours thinks he knows the rules better than an admin. Please read the entire rules page “The level of punishment is at the discretion of the Admin, and will be based on the severity of the action. If you break multiple rules your punishment may run consecutively.”

As you can see by my reply to your appeal, I tried to give you a warning for your first offence, but at the time your were in the middle of verbalizing your second offense. Upon research of the ban I was informed of additional offences. So if you would like me to enforce the rules exactly as written your ban should be for 7 days or Permanent.