Denied (1-day) - Ping Pong Warlord - Server Ban Appeal

My in game name at the time was Ping Pong Warlord
My Steam name is MrStaircaseTheShabbyRobedGhost
Attached in the message is a screenshot of the ban message.
Ban occurred approximately 8ish.

it says I was banned for “team killing”, but at the time of the ban I was on a hill snipping enemy targets. At no point today did I kill a teammate, and if I did it was purely accidental.

I will admit that I did accidentally hit someone the other day on this server, but quickly apologized when I realized it was a friendly. But there was no intentional team killing at any time.

The ban says it was for 24 hours and I honestly probably won’t play until its over, but I do not want to have an “offense” when I did not do anything.

You team killed a friendly in the AO. Said friendly reported you for intentionally team killing. The chat showed that you did kill him.

Some time passed and you never responded indicating it was an accident or apologizing for it.

Therefore given the information available to me you were banned for:
RULE #3) Intentional Team Killing.
The standard ban length for first offense is 1 day.

The fact that you immediately started changing your name to get back in and your final name is “Fist me harder” does not inspire confidence that you were innocent. Coupled with the fact that you ignored the situation in game.

Appeal denied. It’s a standard ban and will stay on your profile.
My advice to you is use pings, check map, check markers, use visuals to check uniforms to avoid team killing and if you do team kill then you need to acknowledge the offended party.