Denied (14-days) - Tank Dempsey - Ban Appeal

Tank Dempsey

Volcano And around 6:55 for the ban time.

I apologize for anything I had said I didn’t mean of harm or offense with anything I did. I dont understand why it was jumped to a 14 day ban without talking to me and giving me the information or reasons for what i did.

This would be a good time for an explanation.

I was using Explicit language during both Antistasi as well as during Ops and I was dropping f bombs and other graphic language and i belive i should have been spoken with first before any further action was takin with me.

I had to double-check what you said because I did not hear it the first time. and I had to check with other admins. This is the reason I entered the ban late.
What you said is considered Racism, and that is met with a Permanent ban. So I already went easy on you with only 14 days.
I did take other admins’ opinions on the matter and all saw it the same.

As to the matter of us talking to you before it:
We do not have to give you a heads-up before taking action. By joining and playing our servers you are agreeing to the rules we have posted everywhere.
It hurts me to block anyone from playing a game they might love on our servers, but I also have to keep the environment good for the public.

As the admin who put in the ban, I reject your appeal.