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  1. you were kicked off the game (battleye: admin kick ( Banned rule #3 for 2 days - expires 02/06/2019 10:21pm entered by )) it didn’t say but in the help room I was told it was golden. I don’t know how to put a image sorry

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  1. I’m not gonna lie I did team kill but it was by mistake I was messing around with a grenade launcher and one of the grenades hit I think it was two people next to a tank I said my bad and we got them revived and went on with the game I have no idea why it said 10:21pm cause I was on till 11pm it was a my bad I’ll take blame we’re all human stuff happens I was banned for it and it was my 1st time that I know of. The reason you lift the ban is because I love these NAK server very fun and nice community
    plus I got school, training and my fire and rescue class everyday it some stressful stuff I just want to relax and play some arma then go to bed. Ps I’ve been TK before also many times but its a just someone that did a oops not really a big deal stuff happens just gotta move on its just when they do it over and over that’s a problem.

Two issues:

  • You were team killing in a cleared AO. As in there were no enemies around at all so this shouldn’t have happened

  • You caught my attention when you team killed a single friendly and I saw it was in a cleared AO but I let it go. Then you team killed two more a short while later.

When I started watching you there was explosions all in a hill in front of you and fires around you as you were firing your primary weapon.

Friendlies don’t often enough report team kills against them even when they need to. It’s our job to keep the players and the community as a whole acting properly so everyone can enjoy themselves.

There’s no excuse for killing friendlies in a cleared AO because you were screwing around. You also did it twice, killing 3 friendlies.
I tend to ban for a lot longer because a player who had just gone through a whole AO and is trying to RP and hitch a ride out of there who suddenly gets killed by a friendly is not going to be feeling good.

I already determined your predicament was probably a result of screwing around and since I did not see if you were aiming directly at friendlies I went with a very lenient ban.

Ban Appeal Denied

weird I team killed a single friendy then 2 more later i only remember the 2 when did i kill the 1st one I would like the proof please not saying you are lying I would just like the proof of the 1st one because im 95% sure i only killed 2 and its also my 1st time being in trouble for this thats just a kick not a ban but alright

We are not required to provide proof to anyone. If an admin says he saw you do it, you will have to take his word for it. As for the length of the ban you are lucky that it was only 2 days. The rules specifically say:
RULE #3) Intentional Team Killing.
1st Offense: 1 day ban
2nd Offense: 7 day ban.
3rd Offense: Permanent ban.

Each incident is a separate offense there for you should be banned for 7 days. And in my opinion because it was in a finished AO it should also be considered Griefing/Harassment which would also qualify it as a 7 day ban. As G0lden is the one that witnessed it, I will let him choose the appropriate punishment. But a kick is not the appropriate level.

  1. it wasn’t intentional
  2. I’m 95% sure it was my first offense but I have no idea to check if it is
  3. so if it was my 1st offense how am I lucky that I only have a 2 day ban if it was my 1st offense which is 1 day
  4. it should be considered griefing/harassment??? for it to be considered that it would have to be intentional and mine was a mistake by messing around
  5. taking someones word for it doesn’t do much justice I would just like some proof so I know for a fact what happened because I don’t remember killing 3 people I killed 2 by mistake by shooting my GL all over the place without looking my bad I just want to know when I kill the 1st guy.

I does not matter if you aim at them or not, it is considered intentional. The rules specifically say “Failing to take commonly recognized steps to prevent team killing, …, is considered intentional team killing.” In your own words you were "messing around " which was preventable.

It may have been your first violation, but we consider each violation of the rules as a separate offenses. The admin chose not to punish you for the first offense. The TK and Griefing are separate events and therefore the single act could be your 2 or 3rd offense depending how the admin choose to interpret the situation. He chose to give you a break.

Next “messing around” shooting where others could be affected and not contributing to the mission, is not a mistake, it is a clear violation of the server rules. Please mess around on your our local server not a public server, where other players can be affected by your messing around. We have even created a Target Range on the map for players to test their weapons, and mess around a little.

Last “taking someone’s word for it doesn’t do much justice”. Let’s be very clear here, this server is is not a democracy (or republic), it is an absolute despotism. The rules are set by, and enforce by NAK Command, and as such (again from the rules page)
“We NAK Squad reserve the right to refuse access/service to anyone, at anytime, for any reason.”