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  4. No clue who banned me, time was sometime after 8PM CST on 8/8/2018 on altis server
  5. The first reason is that nothing was mentioned to me about this ban whatsoever, dont even know who did it since they just left the entered by part blank. I was on teamspeak for a couple hours after the last event that occurred that could have broken rule #3, and the only mention of anything was from Rollacanda who spoke to me and seemed very understanding then I went back to playing. Figured it was dealt with as nobody said anything else. As someone who has put in a lot of time on this server I think I should at least be spoken to about an incident that nobody knew anything about except for non admins so they can at least take my side. But instead I had no opportunity to say anything and just woke up today banned. Second reason why is that rule #3 clearly states INTENTIONAL Teamkilling, so assuming that the ban is in reference to any of the situations I have in mind, I most definitely did not intend to kill any friendlys. Were there misunderstandings? yes, on both sides. Did I do wrong? Yes of course, but I did not break the rules as I did not intentionally teamkill anyone and I never would. Plain and simple. I was in teamspeak after I noticed the ban and spoke with Rollacanda again and he just had me wait for Vile, however after so many hours I am done waiting and will see what posting this appeal will bring about. Thank you.

A misconduct report was filed anonymously after the incident. I reviewed a video of the incident and feel that it was both intentional and with malice.

At one point you say “Stop shooting that the Kajman asshole before I shot back”. Approximately 3 minutes later you fire multiple missiles at friendly units killing 4 and wounding at least 3. When the players complain saying it was your second time doing it, you said “My bad, I’m taking crazy amounts of fire I do not have time to look whats shooting at me and you guys are shooting at me.”

Based on the evidence you TK’ed intentionally. Just to be clear, failure to follow accepted guidelines to make sure you do not kill friendlies, then kill friendlies is intentional TK’ing. Intentional TK’ing does include things like not checking the map before firing, shooting on a lase without being in contact with the person lasing and killing friendlies, shooting at a mass of people because they look like the enemy and killing friendlies.

With that said, after watching the video, I do not believe that you just forgot to check the map. 3 minutes after you said that you were going to shoot back, you did, which is without a doubt INTENTIONAL TK’ing.

If you ever believe that someone is shooting at you interfering with your game report it to the admins. Taking punishment into your own hands will get you banned. If there is no admin online at the time file a misconduct report, like what was done in this case, and it will be reviewed after the event and a decision will be made.

I figured some of these things would be said. I understand what you are saying however if this was intentional whatsoever I would’ve reacted much quicker. You watched the video and the only reason I said those things is as a joke and because I was mad based on my experiences both earlier that day and in the server in total. I have flown the kajman plenty and I’d say at least 10 times I’ve been shot down by friendlies without a word. In fact just at the end of the video I get taken out by a friendly, however I don’t report any of them since they are just mistakes and nothing wrong with it. To think that I actually held a grudge against these infantry guys and took them out on purpose? That’s hilarious. Yes I said I would shoot back but that was to be dramatic and try to get the message across to them. If I wanted to shoot back to retaliate I would’ve done it much earlier than 4 minutes after. If the ban stays oh well, I get it. But I won’t sit here and be told that I was targeting friendlies on purpose without defending myself. I’ve got over 10k infantry kills on this server and I had one bad day where I accidentally tked some friendlies, which has never really happened before, and all of a sudden punishment gets passed without even a word, you gotta understand how that feels.

I have now watched your video which covers more of the action. I take back that it was done with malice but it was intentional, and could have been avoided, and your comments after the TK are totally unexceptable. I expect more from someone that is NAK Elite.