Denied (3-days) - Ban appeal Cyphora

  1. Cyphora
  2. Steam Community :: Agent49
  3. Banned Rule #3 for 3d - expires 05/27/2019 8:47PM By REAPER6
  4. REAPER6
  5. I have friends that play on this server why would I want to get ban and not be able to play with them. I know I killed Eagle once and a few others also killed them as well because they had no tag on their character Nick also had no tag and was killed in front of me. I never seen any friendly fires in chat aside from myself knowing I had gunned down eagle once his revive state appeared.
    Answer this one please if i was “intentionally” killing why didn’t I gun down the whole server that was sitting in the priority area from the roof I sat on?

The moment I got on teamspeak players in the pilot channel were complaining about you friendly firing. Not just one person multiple people. I got on the server and before I could even get in to spectate mode you had another team kill. It was at that time I kicked you. I was then watching a group of other players where team killing was happening. Not long after you were able to join again I was still watching this group and noticed tracer rounds hitting them after the Objective had finished. You were the one shooting them. Not seeing an enemy marker is no excuse. If it would of only been one or two incidents or you had apologized for Friendly Firing I would of had no issue. But you said nothing for your multiple tk’s and they kept happening. You need to learn to use your map and check for friendlies before engaging. This ban will stand for the original 3 days.

make it perm won’t be coming back because if you would check your logs you would see that when i see that I have team killed i apologize. I will not be returning. and I hpoe my friend will not support this server either

I just checked the logs, you did not acknowledge any of your multiple team kills today. Not noticing you are team killing doesn’t make it ok either.

I heard this plenty. He did TK a few people and a few people were complaining about it. I personally thought it might be an honest mistake, but it’s very possible he did it on purpose. He owned up to it in TS, but never said sorry in text chat.

You must be thinking of someone else because he didn’t have teamspeak privileges until after his ban.