Denied (3 days) - Ban/Kick Appeal - WarlordSlay3r

  1. EXACT IN-GAME NAME: WarlordSlay3r

  2. YOUR STEAMID 64: 76561198112837911


  1. NAME OF THE ADMIN: Maxwell




This is merely a summary of the events as they unfolded in my brain. They are not an explanation nor justification for why my actions are right or wrong. Again, merely a map of my brain processes. I understand that I can improve and knowing how/why decisions are made is how I improve myself.

Joined Zeus server after a brief hiatus and decided to hop into an newly started op. Wasn’t able to get in when team’s were set up, so I missed the part where radios and fire teams were set up. Was tp’d into the combat from Zeus near blue team. I was not initially (nor throughout the entire operation) assigned a team. During the operation, both team collapsed on a treeline, where we encountered an enemy BTR. After engaged and disabling the BTR, I approached and began repairing the BTR. We were undergoing an enemy assault from the nearby town, and during a brief pause i was able to make the BTR operational and engaged the enemy. I continued to repair the BTR, taking the time to strip the tires from other vehicles to repair the BTR. During the repair process I maintained spacing near friendly elements (red team was approximately 50 m away in a house w/ the command element). After repairing the BTR, I checked my map and realized that Blue team had separated from the treeline where both team’s collapsed and was approximately 150-200 m away from my current position. Having not been assigned a team I did not know how to proceed. I did not know if I should rendezvous with Blue team (running across undefended, open terrain w/ enemies potentially hiding in the nearby town between my and Blue teams position) or if I should stay with Red team and help maintain a perimeter. Many Zeus operations run on different rules. I’ve seen some missions be strictly organized with teams limited to a certain number of people & roles (this mission was one such). I’ve played on zeus operations where ‘extra’ players were simply attached to a command element until enough joined to form a new fireteam. I didn’t wish to bother the current structure, so I made the decision to stay with the current element I was with (Red team) until I could regroup with a person who knew where I could be properly implemented.

it is important for me to mention that there was another element of players operating in an armored bradley fighting vehicle. I did not know where this element was throughout the mission, but I did see them take a few hits and become (presumably) disabled. I also heard a call over the radio that the IFV was ‘combat ineffective’ (to me this meant that zeus should give them something more powerful/armored). For me, this was interpreted as armor team being out of action until they could recover and get back online. I did not know when this would occur, but I believed that me being in the BTR would only help to bolster our defenses. I did not intend to take any of their purpose away from them playing the game and I intended fully to dismount the BTR after the IFV crew had recovered. it is always my intention to allow other players to have as much fun as possible, even if that means that one person (me) may not get to play in the manner I want to (I had a minigun so a BTR really wouldn’t increase my fun by much).

During the period of me operating the BTR, I made sure to always position myself inbetween or even directly next to a fireteam. As mentioned in the sit afterwards, this has been a recurring issue for myself and I know particularly that Crater and me have talked regarding spacing. This is why I made sure to pay particular attention to my spacing. The only portion where I broke off from the group was to pickup Adam’s squad. I also advanced to another treeline where I engaged a hidden anti tank cannon, but this position wasn’t more than 50 m from a friendly team (I believe this is reasonable as AI will target vehicles and the last thing I want is for my own antics to lead to a mass cas event).

From my perspective, I was purely looking to not cause further disruption over the course of the operation.


* I know that I can improve in the following ways:

  • changing my methods for seeking out a proper chain of command
  • operating in a team environment

* I would like clarification in the following ways:

  • When a zeus had an already established CoC, limiting the number of players and types of players in a fireteam, when should I incorporate myself and how should I do so? Should I attach to a command element and wait for enough players to join to form a new fireteam while acting as security/medical for command or should I interrupt a fireteam’s maneuver to attach myself to them and find a purpse there? Should I wait around for proper organization or simply flexibly adapt to the environment, switching if my needs are needed elsewhere?
  • When should I know what to do? Ignorance is not an excuse, but not giving verbal warnings does not seem fair. If I had known that I should accomplish something then I would’ve made the corrective actions myself to accomplish said mission. Without the proper knowledge of commander’s intent, I can not tackle the appropriate tasks in an appropriate manner. If I had been verbally warned during the mission (a simply poke from an admin saying ‘pick a team and stay with them’ would’ve made me stick with something concrete rather than having myself decide where to go.

    I want to improve. Please guide me in this process.

I understand that some of Warllord’s actions seem to be a bit out of line to some. However a warning would of sufficed. I did let warlord know if he could keep within the loadouts majority were using, but I wasn’t too bothered to enforce that, and let him have fun in the mission I made. I am not sure what you saw about Warlord’s actions that are unjust. When I was spectaating the AO in the zeus interface he was 100% within the AO of where enemies were. There also were NO restrictions not to get into enemy vehicles at the time of the mission.
The AO was large and split between 3 towns close together and Warlord was driving from team to team helping to assist. Additionally he wasn’t assigned a team before mission start, so just tried his best to assist the squad however he could.

I feel like this ban is a bit over the top for the circumstances it was for. Warlord wasn’t ruining anyone’s experience (as i know of).
Would hope to see the ban appealed or at least reduced.

Thank you for posting the ban appeal warlord and the professionalism in how you worded the appeal.

The reason for the ban, was not simply the use of the BTR. It was what lead up to and after getting the BTR and how it came about.
You were assigned to blue team right before the mission itself was started you were given our comm channel for blue team of (120) Just as the mission was starting you had an illegal weapon that is prohibited by the server and were auto kicked as the weapon is overpowered and banned from use. As you returned to the OP The OP was 1 minute into its starting faze. (We were also told that you were apart of our fireteam as well during the formation of the teams at the tent as you were our 7th and final team member . At this point you followed us for the first part of the mission following the Blue team lead had advised you to do (Smurf). Clearing out objective 1 with the team and starting to head to the next objective when Red team bogged down. Blue team as a whole pulled a 180 and moved to assist and in the process disabled a BTR. Once that was done Blue team lead (Smurf) gave the order to proceed to the farm on the south west corner of the AO. At this point you pressed forward to the BTR beyond the advance of blue to claim your prize. There was no order given by Smurf to do so, nor had our squad lead said to do this as well you just broke off of blue after the shooting stopped. I (MAXWELL) also confirmed with Zues if he had giving direct permission to you to grab the BTR . ZUES had not spoken to you in the game telling you to do so. You acted without conferring with your squad and or squad lead simply taking it upon yourself to use an armor piece when we already had two armored crews set for the entire mission. Simply asking in the future would have been fine and a simple yes or no would have been given if you are unsure what is going on ask just don’t assume and go about doing things you think might be helping.

Second small note, Being in a command roll does not give you free reign to get anything a player wants or fight off on there own when ever they are still required to be near friendly forces.

As for the length of the ban as to why it was 3 days. There has been a persistent history of breaking away and going on a one man army wrecking crew (Lone Wolfing) Several of our staff have warned countless times verbally warned you and in fact kicked you out of the field of play/servers you over the months that this is not acceptable behaver. Zues missions and Antistiasi server teamplay and organization is how our missions are conducted.
EXAMPLE— As are Tac Tuesdays on our Tanoa server. Where I personally had warned you in the past to stay in your assigned roll stay with the squad yet you had changed rolls mid op without consulting myself as team lead that day or the event host (XDXD) and proceeded to do as you pleased then with server assets that we were not using to make the overall mission harder and more challenging. (This event took place back in early August.)

At this moment after careful consideration the ban will stay in place,

However if you can join TeamSpeak tomorrow and message me, I am willing to sit down again with you and talk things out at that time I may reduce the ban to time served.

(Note): All players and Nak Command at the time where not sure if players are allowed to use the minigun as it didn’t kick Warlord for using it. Quid had said he could use it as, Quid was thinking it only had a few rounds and didn’t know it wasn’t allowed

  • The minigun is not allowed to be used . (For future reference)

Thank you for the quick response.

I wish I would’ve known which precise reasons I was banned other than a broad reasoning. Certainly some things outweigh others, but when reasoning why things occurred and how to counter them in future events it is nice to know which things should be avoided. As far as I know, I was banned for lone wolfing (despite the ban reason being griefing and despite the other events).

I would like to mention that the minigun notoriously deafens people during its operation for quite a while (I believe I was deaf for a good 1-2 minutes). This likely added to the confusion as I could only hear people directly next to me and they had to be yelling in order for me to make out what was being said. So any order given was not properly identified. This is actually an issue irl in the military and there are protocols to deal with these types of situations. IRL: soldiers operate on their standing orders and are given immense independence during missions in determining their course of actions, so long as the mission is accomplished. I know NAK doesn’t operate like this as a focus is put on team effort, but it is worth noting.