Denied (3-days) Tyr - Admin ban appeal

IGN - Tyr
STEAM - Sign In
BAN: You were kicked off game. (Battleye: Admin Kick (Not Obeying Admin Order) - banned for 3d

ADMIN: Believed to be Walker CJ

EVENT: There was a bugged AI that was found and I shot at it a few times to demostrate that it was bugged, for some reason Walker CJ got very angry about it and told me to stop, which I did and continued on to play the game however the shooting postion which I wanted was next to the AI but I was not shooting at the AI.

After about 5 minutes into actaully firing upon enemy targets, Walker CJ proceeded to kick me, I believe this to be a total abuse of power.

There as no Blue on Blue due to the bug I was just showing that it was bugged



I ordered you numerous times to STOP messing with the “AI”, but you ignored my command and continued to do so, and even firing a clip of ammo into it.

You then became sarcastic as asked me if “HE” was my boyfriend.

Since your statement of facts is irregular and lacking, I have listed the log files below to refresh your memory:

6:32 AM
(Side) Walker CJ: NO

6:32 AM
(Side) Walker CJ: STOP

6:32 AM
(Side) Eagle: Tyr leave him

6:32 AM
(Side) Tyr: I shoot right through him.

(Side) Walker CJ: Leave him alone

6:33 AM
(Direct) Walker CJ: TYR, Leave him alone.

6:34 AM
(Direct) Tyr: I unloaded a mag into him, you really thingk it is a real player?

6:35 AM
(Direct) Walker CJ: TYR I said LEAVE HIM ALONE> GO

6:35 AM
(Direct) Tyr: Your boyfriend?

Banned at: 02/27/2019 6:36 AM - ONE minute later NOT 5 Minutes later as you state above.

You should have obeyed my first Order and left it alone.


I see you have a total play time on our servers of 1.5 hours, and therefore are probably well versed on the rules and understand the role Admins have, so my explanation here should be easily understood.

Your action on the server was not productive to the goal or purpose of the server. You may have identified a glitch and could have taken the proper action to report such in the forums for review for server improvement. However, you decided to continue firing at it.

An Admin’s attention was brought to your action and you were given a simple request to stop by that Admin and another player. Had you ceased your action, you would not be in this current situation. However, you had to be told numerous times and then wanted to debate the issue with the Admin. You were told to leave it alone. You ultimately changed your focus on the glitched AI and directed it at the Admin in an attempt at a personal attack on a presumed sexual preference. That is not acceptable.

I’m sure you have had time to review the server rules, but I will highlight a couple points here. You violated rule # 13. As well, there is a clause at the bottom of the rules page that states:

Additional Information
This page does not cover all the rules; only the basic ones.
If an Admin finds an unfitting behavior he will moderate it accordingly. We NAK Squad reserve the right to refuse access/service to anyone, at anytime, for any reason.

The action taken by the Admin at the time was well within the expectations of NAK and his role as an Admin. Your ban is sustained and your allegation that the action taken was an abuse of power is unfounded.

Should you decide to return to utilizing NAK servers after the ban expires, please consider reading and understanding the rules to prevent any future problems.