Denied (7 days) - Ban Appeal: Accidental Use of Racial Slur

The N U T (Should pop up as Nic in game)
Racist Comments in chat banned for 7d
Banned my Battleye
I had been previously been playing rising storm 2: Vietnam with another player prior to logging on, i was having problems with the game and with my Mic at the time and so i type into chat “Don’t worry, we’ll be able to kill (Insert Word Here) some other day” or something along those lines. I didn’t realize that the word was counted as a racial slur by Battleye and was promptly banned. It was just me and him in a sniper squad and I was typing in group chat. I fully understand if the ban will not be lifted, i am simply asking for a reduction in time as this is probably my favorite server right now. I apologize for saying it and wasn’t thinking before putting it in the chat.

Racial bans are a very serious matter and as such, hold the number one rule violation on our servers. Several words are triggered by the auto-ban feature and caution should be taken when speaking in voice or using chat. Triggered auto-bans for racism are reviewed by admins and evaluated on severity. The phrase that was used in this case is eligible for a permanent ban. I would caution using prior game activity as an excuse for using racial slurs as the use of slurs is more a judge of one’s character than a slip of the tongue (or fingers in text).

In lieu of making the ban permanent, which would be justified, the ban will not be reduced, but will remain at 7 days.

Please do your best in the future to refrain from making statements that could be found offensive by other players, let alone entire races of people. Thank you for understanding.