Denied (7 days) - benoit marsouin - ban for give my personnal discord on a closed squad chat

  1. benoit marsouin
    2.Steam Community :: benoitmarsouin

  2. no screen shot

  3. WAVE.N for 7D

  4. hi i’m back, I am new blockbusteran on the server for recruitment.

Yesterday 07/10/2019; at 6h00 am ~ (it’s 6 hours more to east Coast in USA )

I meet gustygear and chal00[FR] in game.

we played together 2-3 hours and at the end to be able to contact easily to play on the server.

we all exchanged our discord and apparently it is considered recruitment, I dont understand in what way to give his personal discord after being made a friend, looks like recruiting,
it’s disturbing to do this ban for misunderstanding

especially since I have no intention of breaking any rules never i an old player to Arma 3 i dont have any problem like this ,
i’m a serious player with a big love to RÔLE PLAY

it’s why i make appeal

thank you for your attention

benoit marsouin (the frenchy friendly)

always sorry for my bad english (i practice all day for playing on your server more eficiency you know XD )

I believe that the first instance was a misunderstanding, but by sending your discord channel you did break our server rules.

"RULE #15) No recruiting
First Offense: Based on severity, up to a permanent ban.

Recruiting is not allowed on the server. Using any NAK resources including, but not limited to, game servers, TeamSpeak or website, to recruit or entice players away from NAK resources is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to links or references to other groups, games, or servers which includes Discord links. Use resources not provided by NAK Squad to send such information."

This ban will stand as is, any other bans in the next 90 days will be permanent. Please read and understand the server rules. If you do not understand then ask for clarification.

Volcano and I spoke with benoit in TS today. I provided him with a French translation of rule 15. He apologized and stated he would not do it again. I encouraged him to translate the rules page on his own. Volcano provided him with a link to the rules page. I told benoit we would see him after 7 days.