Denied (7-days) - COMRADE COMMISAR Ban Appeal


Steam Profile: Steam Community :: Error

Ban: (BattlEye: Admin Kick (Banned Rule #4 for 7d - expires 11/17/2018 7:19 AM. Entered by v))

Name of admin/time: For the name not sure, was never given any verbal or written warning by any admins. As for the time, again not sure, wasn’t banned until after I got off the server and I didn’t log back in until this morning, a day after I played. I played for 2 hours Nov 9th from 5:30PM to 7:30pm (central time)

Explanation: Can’t remember what exactly it would’ve been that would cause me to get banned. Every time I do join I mostly play solo or with others but I don’t use voice and rarely use text so I’m not intentionally annoying other players but if they tell me to go I will leave them be. The only thing I can think that would cause a ban that I did was I landed by a fellow player and accidentally looked into his backpack as i tried to change the view distance settings but accidentally selected his bag instead as i was close enough for it to pop up to search. He noticed and got very irritated out of nowhere and turned on me and shot me til i was incapacitated. So out of anger/irritation myself at that, I respawned followed him and did the same thing in return.

So i will admit thats definitely ban worthy in itself, All i can say is i hope he was banned as well as what i did with his bag was accidental and him shooting me was uncalled for, But I’ve never intentionally TK’d or broke a rule before that instance so I don’t get why it was a week ban versus a 1 day. Anyway, thats all i have to explain for myself, thanks.

You were banned for multiple rule violations. Each violation has its own penalty. Together they actually would be a permanent ban, the only reason it is not permanent is because the player also TK’ed you (I went back and forth on making it permanent now). Any additional bans for any reason will be met with an immediate permanent ban.

You did not report the event to the admins at the time and decided take actions into your own hands. From the server rules “If there is no Admin online please do not take actions into your own hands. You can always contact administrators later or make a complaint. We will listen to the both sides and take appropriate action. The NAK website has a forum topic to report users:

You were also banned for your name, we reported to you that a specific name was inappropriate and you returned with the name “gofuckyourself”. If you do not like the rules of the server you are welcome to play elsewhere.