Denied (7 days) - FCC. DevilShot Ban Appeal

FCC. DevilShot.

Time Approximately: 17:30 UK time.
I’m not sure why I was banned as a colleague had gotten on my computer when i was playing Naksquad earlier. When i returned to my computer i had to leave anyway so i didn’t check the severer as i didn’t expect to come back banned. After talking to my colleague about 20 minutes ago he had told me that he had killed 2 people whom he though where “enemy’s” the a message came up on screen that he was “community banned”. I am terribly sorry about the incidents that took part earlier however i had no knowledge or part of the actions what so ever as i was in a different room. The actions that did occur will NEVER happen again as i really enjoy the serve and would like to play a lot more than i already have. I had confirmed my ban via the team speak Squadron channel when i revived the message of a 7 day ban.

03/20/2019 12:10 PM to 03/27/2019 12:10 PM - Banned Rule #3 for 7d - expires 03/27/2019 12:10 PM. By LBJ [Admin]. Intentional team killing. 7d remaining.

I personally watched your “Colleague” Tk another player, then proceed to taunt said player’s corpse. Once the player respawned and HALO’d back into the same spot, your “Colleague” killed them again immediately. At this point, your “Colleague” received this ban.


  1. Rule#3 - Intentional Teamkilling (2)
  2. Rule#4 - Griefing/Harassment(1)

1:08 PM03/20/2019 (Side) PLAYER: is there an admin on?
1:08 PM03/20/2019(Side) LBJ: yes
1:09 PM03/20/2019(Side) PLAYER: devilshot just intentionally teamkilled me with a rocket and then teabagged me

Due to the intent and childish negligent actions of your “Colleague”, the ban will remain on YOUR account until 3/27/2019 @ 12:10PM EST

This comment is as much for you DevilShot as it is for anyone else that made read the appeal. The account owner is responsible for everything that happens on our servers. There is no way for us to distinguish between the account owner and someone else using their account.

I am all for letting people try the games you own, and sharing those games with family and guest. Please consider using Steam Family Sharing - Steam Family Sharing. Steam Family Library Sharing allows family members and their guests to play one another’s games using their own Steam profile. When someone is using Steam Family Sharing we can see that it was a shared account, but we can distinguish between owner of the game and someone that is “borrowing” the game.

i completely understand that it is my responsibility but i honestly believe that my laptop was secure and no one would use it, this includes them taking them self and disrupting the server. I a truly sorry for what happened and i will take the ban as like you said it is my responsibility.