Denied - Amber Freeman - Ban Appeal

Amber Freeman (From what I remember)


Ban Message:

Name of the Admin:
I am unsure because it was only a TeamSpeak ban.

Date/Time of Ban:
I have no idea, it was about a year ago or more so I do not have a great recollection.

Banned Server:

I had been idling in the TeamSpeak server late one night for about an hour while I watched YouTube. At this point I had played on the server quite a bit as ATC (Its the only thing I like doing). I loved how nice people were and supportive when I played. On this night, an angry administrator joined my channel and told me to remove my rocket beans TV community tag or whatever. He said it was hacking and that he would ban me if I didn’t remove it. I had just learned the little trick off of YouTube to get the tag and didn’t feel like going and removing it so I said no. Keep in mind it was very late and I was shorter than I should have been. He then perm banned me from the TeamSpeak which effectively keeps me from playing as ATC. I have waited so long because I could not have been bothered to ask for an appeal. If it is accepted, could you check if I’ve been banned in-game too because I honestly have no idea. Also, I would like my old rank back on TS. I think it was the second one but it could have been 60 hours or something. I hope you can help me and my hopefully unique situation.

You were asked to remove a badge that TeamSpeak indicated was not earned. You refused to remove the badge, which you made false statements about at the time having said that you earned the tag, and then proceeded to curse at the admin. You were not permanently banned for the TeamSpeak tag but your actions and behavior in speaking to an admin.

Providing clearly misleading information to the admins indicates the integrity of the player and the trust among other players. We will not tolerate players that verbally abuse admins or other players for that matter. Cursing at and verbally abusing an admin for enforcing community rules shows a disrespect for the individual and the community as a whole.

For the reasons above this appeal is denied.