Denied - Ban Appeal - Matt9074

  1. SSGT. M. Peterson
  2. Player Steam profile copy here (ex:Steam Community :: claws01)
    3.Closed out of message instinctually without reading message or grabbing a screenshot, to later find out it was a ban.
  3. Claws01, 3:00PM PST, Invade & Annex NAK - Altis
  4. Just got on Arma after being away for months to play with my friends who had a new mod list that they shared with me. I Subscribed to their collection. Then unloaded ALL mods from the Arma launcher. After that, once all new subscribed mods were downloaded. Checked 1 by 1 every single mod on the list to ensure I had no extra mods loaded. Mod list was EXACTLY identical to my friends who were currently playing in the server. I tried to join the server from my friends list in the ARMA launcher. When loading in, while the mission file was still loading, I got hit with a message of being kicked from the server but closed out of it without reading assuming it was because of a missing required mod. I did not read that is was a ban. My friends currently still in the server told me in our Discord voice channel that it said I was permanently banned by admin Claws01. They they suggested that I go on the teamspeak for Nak which has led me to here. Name of one of my friends who has been playing the server using the same exact mod list is ELHEFF if you wish to check. I asked if they could scroll up in the game chat to find the exact ban message but it had already passed so we have no idea what mod would have been viewed as “hacking”.

You were banned February 18, 2019 2:23 AM for hacking. Hacking bans are permanent, your ban will not be removed.

I don’t recall any hacking activity I know of nor do I have any know-how of how that is done. I was probably running a mod shared with me that was unauthorized in your server but would love to see, if possible, what the type of hacking was that was discovered by your server so I can keep an eye out for any future mods I am given to use. I think I was unvoulentarily introduced to a dirty mod.

To be banned for hacking, you would have had to have been actively hacking. Spawning Items, Killing players, sending messages to the screen, etc. We can not risk allowing someone that has hacked the server to be allowed back on the server.

If your friends recommended the mods to you, I would take it up with them.

Flawed process but thanks for the info.