Denied - Ban Appeal - Mr. Lahey

  1. Mr. Lahey
  2. Steam Community :: LadySlipper
  3. Rule #1 Racism
  4. CopOut, 1:00 PM EST
  5. Lately I have frequently enjoyed the NAK servers amongst the others available for online co-op. Recently, I had made a remark that I can’t take back, but I would like to reflect on it to show you guys that is not who I really am as a person. I was playing on the server(Altis) and I was working towards the objective until I was teamkilled by another player by the name of “francis”. I have alot of fun playing this game so I can get emotional when it comes to interacting with other players. once I was shot and killed by him I typed into the side chat “Francis!” “N*IGGA” to express my frustration with him. Although that remark is purely on me to say such a thing, I had no abusive intent when I said it to him and I just want to reflect on the consequences of my actions. I know you guys sound very strict on this topic but I hope I can have another chance to play amongst you and show you thats not who I am.

True racism expresses itself when one is in an emotional state. Trying to circumvent the restricted word filters by placing another character in the word implies that it was known that using that word is not acceptable. Racism is our #1 rule and was placed that way intentionally because of its severity. Not only did you think about the word, but you took the time to type it out in anger as a negative attack against another player’s action.

It should also be noted that this is the 2nd instance in the past 10 days (7 of which was during a ban and had no ability to break another rule on the game servers) where an action that you took resulted in administrative action resulting in a ban. In other words, 3 days out from getting a previous ban cleared, this happens.

I appreciate you taking the correct steps in requesting the ban be lifted and explaining yourself, but unfortunately I will not be reversing this ban.

I agree with everything you have told me. I just want to make it clear that I am not a racist. I’ve never been one to exclude others or put people down when I play amongst them. I hope that you can find some parity between you and I and consider giving me a chance to prove you wrong. Also my previous conflict you referred to was due to me not being in the correct TS channel and I didnt know I wasnt in the correct lobby. I recieved little to no warning before the ban but I just try to put that behind me. Thanks

Sorry to let you know but your first ban wasn’t for TS. I don’t know where you got that from but your actual ban was TKing and firing at base. Sorry CopOut for typing in your ban appeal only wanted to let Mr Lahey know what the actual ban was.

Mr. Lahey, at this point the ban will be considered permanent. If you wish to file an appeal in 6 months, it will be re-evaluated at that time. I can’t guarantee that anything will change then, but I will give it a 2nd look and make a determination then. For now, please take this time off to consider your core values and how you would like others to perceive you, not just in the NAK community. In the meantime, I wish you luck in these endeavors.