Denied - Ban Appeal

  1. Richard Nixon

  2. Steam Community :: Richard Nixon

  3. No screenshot available - Banned for rule #14

  4. NAK #1 Altis Invade and Annex

  5. This ban happened a long time ago and I don’t remember why I was banned. I just remember trying to log on to the server one day and it said I was banned.

VileAce was the admin who issued the ban.

This is your second ban.

The first one was for saying “07/09/2018 7:41 PM (Vehicle) Richard Nixon the jews did 9/11”. You were lucky that the first ban was not permanent. The fact that the first ban was only 7 days, was your one and only chance to correct your behavior on our server.

This ban, you were banned for indecent, obscene, lewd, or sexually explicit language. Then while the ban was been entered you made racist comments.

Obviously, this is a part of your character, and we choose not to have these types of comments in our community.

Appeal denied.