Denied - Ban Appeal

  1. Derek, Phil Mahooters, Dean Gulberry, Young Minority, Yvng Minority
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  3. I don’t Have a Screen Shot But the Message Said "You Were Kicked Off The Game. (BattlEye: Admin Kick ((Hacking] banned for perm - Expires Perm by claws01))
  4. Claws01, I’m not sure exactly unfortunately. I got the message when trying to log into the Invade & Annex NAK Altis server.
  5. The reason that I believe I should have the banned lifted is due to the fact that,when I got this banned message I was not online in the server. I had just logged onto the game and tried to get on the server and it said that I was banned for hacking. My Steam profile is completely clean and I don’t hack or cheat in any game (Besides skyrim and Fallout) cause I believe that hacking ruins the experience of the game. This is the only server that I have experienced this on. I’ve played on this server many times for many hours before. Then I built a new pc around February or March and after downloading arma on that is roughly around when I got the ban message. I don’t know how to prove that I’m innocent, I just have to give you my word that I have not hacked a single time playing on the server. If I can’t be unbanned then its understandable.

This ban was entered October 8, 2017 at 3:17 AM. At this time you ran code that was clearly intended to disrupt the server. I have no sympathy in banning someone permanently when they try to ruin the game for other players. Your choice of user names also shows that our server is not the correct place for you…

Appeal Denied .