Denied - Ban Appeal

  1. In-Game Name: SquatingSlovak

  2. Steam Community :: boobz

  3. “You were kicked off the game. (BattlEye: Admin Kick (Banned Rule #4 for Perm - expires Perm. Entered by VileAce [Admi))”

  4. Banned by VileAce, not sure of the exact date but it occurred over a year ago, banned from “[NAK]NAKSQUAD.NET | NAK #1 | I&A | Altis”

  5. I was banned from this server which I had previously enjoyed playing on often before I was banned over a year ago. I believe I was banned for team-killing, and I do admit, while some of them were accidents, I did purposely teamkill several other players, which I apologize for doing. However, despite having no other previous record of being banned on that server to my knowledge, I was given a Permanent ban, which I believe was excessive considering that I wasn’t really given a warning or other minor punishment to warn me against team-killing. Although this did occur a long time ago and some may question why I am doing this now, I can assure you that I apologize for any trouble I may have stirred and I would greatly appreciate your consideration.

This appeal is denied. Your actions of team killing were beyond a normal team killing incident. Your actions were clearly trolling. The first intentional team kill would have been a 1 day ban, the second intentional team kill would be a 7-day ban and the 3rd would be a permanent ban. Each time you team killed was an offense. In your appeal you even admit to ‘purposely teamkilling several other players’, so clearly a permanent ban was and is appropriate.

You mention that each individual team-kill counts as one offense, however, this is not made clear that a singular team-kill counts as a singular offense. Because of this, it could lead anyone to believe that a singular offense would be one period of time spent on the server that involved multiple team-kills, which would prompt a 1-day ban. Even in your rules under rule four, it says “forcing team kills” as part of the definition of the rule and an example of one offense, it doesn’t say “forcing a team kill”. Other than that 20 or so minute period of my friend and me being stupid and purposely team-killing 2-3 people, I had not violated any rules, so I believe that a permanent ban was unwarranted based on the fact that this was a first-time occurrence of “forcing team kills”, which by your definition should technically count as one offense, not three different ones.

You are welcome to feel that way, and when you run a server you can choose how to implement your rules. Our rules say

This page does not cover all the rules; only the basic ones.
If an admin finds an unfitting behavior he will moderate it accordingly. We NAK Squad reserve the right to refuse access/service to anyone, at any time, for any reason.

In your case, I am choosing not to remove the ban, based on your previous actions, I feel that you would team kill again, no matter what the rules state. That fact that you believe that it was okay to ruin the game for other people because you and your friend were having fun is enough justification for me to keep the ban.

What criteria would lead you to believe that I would do this again, considering that this was the one occasion and that I had previously spent countless hours playing on this server without committing a single infraction? And who said that I was having fun with my friend, who’s not to say that I was simply in the vehicle with my friend as he ran over people, which to my recollection is practically what happened. In between the individual team-kills which occurred over probably the course of less than an hour, I was given zero warning. I feel that it is unfair to me because I have been given an overly excessive punishment for a relatively minuscule one-time occurrence that happened over a year ago. I understand that you are doing your job and you feel that I would do something like this again, but that feeling is based on the rules and the guidelines that it sets (that’s probably why you have rules listed), so to say that is not reflective of not only my character but your rules which are really there to guide your decision making. In this instance, you are letting one wrong overwhelm hundreds of rights. I don’t see why I cannot be given another chance and if I purposely team-kill again, which I guarantee won’t happen, you can simply ban me again, and I will completely understand.

Again you are welcome to feel any way you wish, and you can believe that it is not fair, but I have zero compassion for someone that purposely chooses to ruin the game for other players. Your appeal is denied. I hope you find a server that you enjoy playing on other than ours.