Denied - Cobra - Banned for being underaged


Admin Username: Rollacanda

Okay look I have read the rules and especially rule #12 and it says this “If for whatever reason they slip into our community unnoticed, we hold no responsibility for their safety or well-being.”!! Okay and so I’m banned from being underaged? I didn’t get a warning or a kick! Just a straight ban!!! I have so many questions of why this hapened. “We are a mature gaming community and the content of our games and our social interactions may not be suitable for younger age groups. For that reason, we have a minimum age requirement for members of our community, which is 16. As we have no way of confirming an individual’s age, if an Admin believes that you are underage you may be asked to leave the server. Beyond this, it is a parents responsibility to police their children.” I understand that but just like how it says I ‘slipped into the community’, So I’m banned for it? Just because we were screwing around in chat while we do buisiness can mean a kick, BUT A BAN FOR UNDERAGED!! I love the server, defenitly would support it if I had extra money. If I’m doing something wrong that isn’t terrible please notify me instead of just giving me a straight ban.

PS: It was a perm. ban if you guys didn’t know that’s why I’m sending a post.

The server rules are clear in regard to age limits. We have a minimum age on the server that we set, this is the age that we want players to be before accessing our servers. If we feel that someone is acting or states that they are underage, we reserve the right to ban them without warning. Beyond that there are laws in the US that we must follow, if we for any reason believe that you are under 13. We choose to set our age limit higher than 13 for many reasons. Second, “we NAK Squad reserve the right to refuse access/service to anyone, at any time, for any reason.” Last, “If an Admin finds an unfitting behavior he will moderate it accordingly.” You, need to understand. this is not a democracy, or a republic, you do not have any rights as far as NAK Squad being required to let you play on the servers. These are private servers that we allow people to play on. Our servers are similar, to a home, and NAK Squad gets to decide who is welcome to come in and who is not.

Just my own advocation, while never being in team speak with rolla I have played with him many times. He has always presented an air of maturity. Obv I am not part of command or anything but maybe just this one time an exception can be made? Rolla’s been on here for quite some time now. That being said I also don’t know if anything preceded this, maybe an action or string of words that made it worth looking into his age. If not though, my personal feelings is I hope an arrangement can be made so he can keep playing. Just expressing my feelings, in no way shape or form trying to tell nak how to run things.

Spuds be advised. Rolla is not underaged, Cobra is. Rolla is the admin that issued the ban. So don’t worry, Rolla is safe, and I think he would be flattered that you put him in that age group :wink:

ohhh haha i got that all wrong then haha i just knew i had played with him A LOT and never got the impression that he was immature at all lol

I would not go as far as to say that Rolla is not immature, but we deal with it.

Haha yeah, I call it perfect amount of immature :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: