Denied (Conditional) - Ban Appeal- Cpt.Kyle

In game Name: Cpt.Kyle
Steam Account: Steam Community :: Monster_pilot
Ban message: Ban perm. Rule #6 (Wasting s))
Admin: Rollacanada
Explanation: I was being stupid while transporting warrhunter, in a black hawk. I was transporting him to a side mission when i had to get off, but instead of flying him all the way there, i dropped him in the middle of no where and crashed the helicopter. I then left with out any explanation or reason for what i had just done. i’m sorry to Rollacanada for having him have to ban me for being stupid, and i’m sorry to warrhunter for dropping him in the middle of no where

Denied. Im sorry. This was your second chance. NAK servers are not for you right now. You can make another ban appeal in 3 months 9/25/2019.