Denied (Conditional) - Ban Appeal- Cpt.Kyle

In game Name: Cpt.Kyle
Steam ID: https: //
Ban Message: Ban perm. Rule #6 (Wasting s))
Admin: Rollacanda
Explanation: I was on the server a while back and I was transporting a player to a mission via helicopter. As I was transporting him had to get off and rather than landing him safely or taking him to the mission I crashed the helicopter killing myself and him in the process. I then left the server and the TeamSpeak without any explanation for what I had just done. I’d love to get on the server again and help out. Whatever it takes to get back on the server I’m willing to do. I’ sorry to the player that I crashed in the middle of now where, and sorry to all the admins that I have bothered with my own stupidity. I know that if somehow I get let back on the server that I’d be on a thin line but I think that if you gave me a chance that I would not waste it. Once again I apologize to those who have been affected and I hope that you would give me another chance.

After going through your record, i am going to deny the ban appeal. Your past actions, attitude and disregard to NAK rules is unacceptable. The issue you explained happened on 6/24/2019. I would have maybe giving you a chance if i had not already done so two days earlier on a perm ban 6/22/2019. Im sorry but if you still feel like you have changed you should put in another ban appeal in 6 months.

So to be clear I am still banned?


Then my other question would be since this would be my second appeal for this ban, is there any chance of it being revoked?

In six months?

you can make another ban appeal in six months.