(Denied) - Demagogue Dimension - Name Ban Appeal - Being told to f-off because my name is "political"

So I just had someone who was obviously underage kick me from the game and the TS because I had the word “Demagogue” in my username. This was in spite of two weeks of no complaints and never hearing this person’s voice before. I tried to explain to them that it was just used as a pun and was not political in its usage but all he had to cite was its definition. All I can tell from this individual’s behavior is that either they’re constantly looking for a power trip or is genuinely too sensitive for games with mature themes. In any case, the fact that such a person was made an administrator/mod tells me the server is unfortunately a waste of my time since I do not support or condone questionable and arbitrary behaviors by those in charge of a server and those who enable others to behave in such a manner. So this is good-bye. It was fun playing with you guys and I hope you guys aren’t randomly pulled aside because some teenager decides your name is offensive. Peace.

First off I pulled you up into the help room before I kicked you from team speak or placed a name ban. I tried talking to you for 4-5 minutes without a single response. At that time I enetered the name ban and kicked you from team speak. You then came back into team speak I pulled you up to help room and explained no political names are allowed on our servers. You then proceeded to tell me it was not political so I posted the definition for you.

“dem·a·gogue - a political leader who seeks support by appealing to the desires and prejudices of ordinary people rather than by using rational argument.
A demagogue or rabble-rouser is a leader who gains popularity in a democracy by exploiting prejudice and ignorance among the common people, whipping up the passions of the crowd and shutting down reasoned deliberation. Demagogues overturn established norms of political conduct, or promise or threaten to do so.”

We have a set of rules that are enforced if you choose not to abide by them then don’t play on our servers. And I at no time told you to “f” off. Hope you feel better that you got that rant out. Also you were the one who said you would no longer play on our server because of our “stupid rules.” So I just changed your name ban to a perm ban. If you like you can fill out a ban appeal.

Eh I find it kinda Ridiculous. it’s not like his name was pure Intent
Not like I’ve see some names allowed on the server like
Trumps Slave
Killer Trump
Liberal Nut

Those names are not allowed. Some get by because an admin is not on the server or the name is not brought to there attention. We are often doing multiple things at once sometimes while we are trying to game so yes things get be every now and then. But be sure if we see it we will address it. I can’t do anything about the name as it’s specifically states:

RULE #7) No offensive or inflammatory nicknames or avatars.
First offense: Warning
Second offense: Kick
Third offense: 1 day ban
Make sure that you name does not contain any profanity, religious, political or drug related statements.

Although I nor you may have found it offensive it doesn’t matter because it’s in the rules. If you have an objection to the name ban feel free to to make a ban appeal and we will have some other admin s weigh in on it. However, because the way to posted you remarks in this forum I assure you your ban will remain. If you would of approached the situation in a mature manner and avoided the rant and ignorant comments we may have came to a different outcome. Best of luck on other servers.

I did some research, since you brought up the issue and found the following information through BattleMetrics:

Trumps Slave - Never played on server with this name. Less than 1 hour on the server. An alias name from 2 years ago.
Killer Trump - No player by this name has been on the server
Liberal Nut - No player by this name has been on the server
Kil4umaga - No player by this name has been on the server

After reading your posts I can agree with Reaper on this and you’re lucky you didn’t get tagged with:
Rule #1: No Racism
Rule #4: Griefing/Harassment
Rule #10: Arguing with Administration
Rule #13: No Verbal Abuse

If you have such an easy time making derogatory remarks and clearly have such a low level of respect for administration I find it hard to believe that you will have respect or patience for our NAK community, both players and admins alike.

I say this because I have had a run-in with you as well and noticed a negative demeanor towards players.