Denied - may appeal in 6 months - Chris(Federation) - Ban Appeal

  1. Chris
  2. Steam Community :: Error
  3. You are banned permanently. Reason: “Rule #2 76561198058747131 - Bandit”
  4. Bandit
  5. No clue.


I would like you to review and add additional information to your appeal before we proceed any further. Your response is extremely vague and I would like to see you acknowledge anything that you believe led this ban. “No clue” is not an acceptable response and shows me a lack of concern on your part. To jog your memory I want to you think of what you were saying to others in Teamspeak over voice chat right before the ban was placed.

I will tell you now that this is a very serious offense and honesty goes a long way if you want to have any chance for this appeal to be considered.

I have reviewed the microphone recording prior to the ban (5 minutes). I have not identified anything of concern. I do not have system audio so I can only hear my words. I am obviously of the opinion that I didn’t break that rule.


Attach your recording to Google drive and privately send me a message on the website as far back as you have recorded prior to the ban. If that does not work for you please find another way to get this recording to me.

Unfortunately the recording contains me listening to music via my phone, so it can’t leave my computer due to copyright concerns. Sorry about that. I’ll be posting what I hear and see in them.

I’m going to step in and stop this here. We gave you an opportunity to own up to what you did. The ban will stand as is.

Two recordings in question making up a total of 10 minutes of footage. 8 of which was spent tabbed into Arma 3 playing on NAK assets.

ArmA 3 2019.05.29 -

(From Memory) Arma 3 2019.05.29 was saved primarily due to an incident between me, WoadHawk, and another player (“Derek”). Acting as UAV operator, I spawned in the MK21 Air Defense System and requested acting ATC to co-ordinate it’s retrieval from Korono. Before the recording starts, WoadHawk has grabbed a van, picked it up, and has dropped it off at Vehicle HQ.

Time codes here are approximate.

(0:00-0:15) Nothing is said. I am ingame, I spawn an Ammo Hemmet and drive it next to the Mk21 Centuran
(0:15-0:30) Before picking up the system, I log into UAV terminal to check that it’s connected, switch to Sentinel, and see 4 different hard targets and an Orca. The first thing I say is “Holy Guacamole there’s a lot of hard targets over main AO”.
(0:30-0:45) Clicking and $uicideBoy’s Paris are heard, other then that silence. I am redoing the orders of the UCAV Sentinel.
(0:45-1:00) I am watching the UCAV Sentinal fly south of Kalochen. I then order it to approach Main AO. I say “CAS I’m flipping a bitch to approach Main AO”.
(1:00-1:30) I am controlling the UCAV Seninel. Agent Wilkes joins the channel, I welcome him, and we get in a conversation of how I can’t pronounce things but hopelessly try.
(1:30-2:00) I fire Macers at an Infrit HMG, and I admit that I try to say names that I don’t know how to pronounce that way I get better. I also say it’s really bad when I try to pronounce foreign names. “When in doubt, shoot” is something I say. I believe that that was a player’s name, because I remark that that is an easy name to say.
(2:00-2:30) "Wait, what are you taking out? (Pause) “that is going to to be friendly.” I then go on to explain why friendly assets show up red on sensors due to friendly fire incidents. I also fire 3 Macers at different ground targets. Song switches to NF’s lie.
(2:30-3:00) “Who is the friendly aircraft over main AO”, “I’m targeting that Ifrit HMG”
(3:00-3:30) “Macer away on it” “Standby for Effect” “Solid Effect, no longer a factor”
(3:30-4:00) “Sentinel for Tower”. And I load in the MK21 to m Ammo Hemmet. I also request a land from Tower to clear the runways so I can drive across them before I give my UAV the land order.
(4:00) “Be advised I’m going to be crossing runways with the Ammo Hemmet” after presumably given clearance to land.
(4:00-4:45) “Oh shit, he isn’t landing is he?” I open my map up for 2 seconds, see the wipeout taking off 22-R, and slow down with my Ammo Hemmet. Wipeout clears in front of me, and I attempt contact with Player Drewski. (“Yo Drewski you in here”). I do not see him on my left, I pull out my Ammo Hemmet and he crashes into me, both assets explode. I loudly yell a “Oh!” that would make Homer Simpson proud.
(4:45-End of Recording) I am looking at my corpse burning, I ask if Drewski is NAC Elite. I tab out and save the shadowplay.

(this is my memory, not a recording) In the two to three minutes that I can’t itemize due to no recording, I had a brief conversation complaining about how I lost the Mk21 Centurian. I am mad that I lost it to the stupidity of Drewski, and I say that he’s made my bad list now. I then took a couple of seconds, grabbed my doggo and put him on my lap, then I got a new runway and landed my Sentinel. I rearmed it.

Desktop 2019.05.29 -
This recording is the recording of my ban. There’s clearly about 2-3 minutes here in between recordings that are not captured. I am controlling my UCAV Sentinel, which is now landed and has been rearmed. I am in the middle of taking it off on 22-R. Judging by the way I’m talking, this is shortly after the conversation with me complaining about losing my Mk21/Ammo Hemmet and complaining about Drewski not being in TS.

(0:00-0:30) I say “You know how I said 22-R? Yeah that’s not going to happen. 22-L it is!” “The sentienl was lifting to the left a little bit”. There’s about 10 second of pause, and I say Bite me. I don’t remember why I say that, but if I had to gander a guess I’d say that either LastSoviet or WoadHawk made a smart remark and I retorted with that.
(0:30-1:00) “That all I have to say about it, and I’ll be putting it (The MK21) back where it was, then”. I attempt to spawn it in the same city where WoadHawk got it. “I apologize for any inconvience, it was doing so good at the base until I loaded it and then Drewski crashed into me with a Plane”. “Lorenzo is very unhappy about us Zues Pinging”

After review of the information I have saved from teamspeak, I know you were listening past this point via your alt Two-Tone. I am talking about my personal feelings about Admins such as Lorenzo, G0lden, and yourself. None of this is even remotely relevant to the rule so I’m not going to itemize each statement here. If you want me to, I will. I am banned at 2:17 in the recording.

Overall, in listening to this, I feel really good about my conduct that night. I was just joking around and having a good time. I don’t know why you banned me, and I hope the fact that I spent that last hour going through each recording and itemizing them shows that I’m not indifferent, but I really am clueless to why you banned me.