Denied (Perm) - Adam Rippon, Ban Appeal #2

Name (In-game): Adam Rippon

Profile: Steam Community :: Error

Ban Message:

Ban Info: VileAce, Altis Invade & Annex, 3 Day(s)- Ban expired, later updated to Permanent

Link to Original Appeal:

Explanation/Justification: I was recruiting for a unit, based in/around the NAK Servers- which I guess used “community resources”. I was unaware that it wasn’t allowed at the time, as my intent for the unit was to bring NAK players together.

According to Rule #15, it states “Recruiting is not allowed on the server. Using any NAK resources including, but not limited to, game servers, TeamSpeak or website, to recruit or entice players away from NAK resources is not allowed.”
I had spoke with VileAce initially and recited that rule, stating I didn’t understand the recruitment ban because I wasn’t trying to “entice players away” whatsoever.

He even stated “I believe that you were not recruiting with malicious intent”, furthering proving my argument I make; that I did not recruit with intent to take players from the server whatsoever- more so the opposite.

I don’t believe it is just to permanently ban me for something I had misunderstood in the rules, and even so, with it having the intent to bring players in the community together. I ask for your forgiveness, and understanding, in the hopes that this ban will be revoked.

I have a couple issues. First I understand that this may be a very important issue for you, but a lot goes into running the NAK community, and with limited hours in a day I prioritize what gets done based on how many users are affected. This was a lower priority issue, but everyone that post an appeal gets a response. The fact that you poked me 5 times, asked other admins to have me look at your appeal and posted on the quick chat to look at your appeal, is excessive. I then asked you not to poke me again, so you private messaged me instead.

The second issue is, based on your justification, I do not think you have learned from the ban. You are still claiming that your actions were acceptable. I am going to make references to your first appeal as well as this one.

First you start quoting our server rules, but as stated in your first appeal “When anyone uses the rules as an argument they often miss some very key points.” The following is on the rules page “This page does not cover all the rules; only the basic ones. If an Admin finds an unfitting behavior he will moderate it accordingly.”" There is no way the we could write every rule and every situation. We try to be as clear as we can and I believe that, the man on the Clapham omnibus (an average person, reasonably educated and intelligent) understands the spirit of the rules.

But even with that said I think you violated the rule directly to the definition. I believe that it is clear that you were “enticing players away from NAK resources”. You created a group that listed NAK game servers, and website as your own, and by maintaining this group you were enticing players to your group, in which you control the content instead of our group(s) in which the rightful owners of the servers control the content and message to our users. By listing NAK servers as your own, you represented yourself as an “official” group.

Lastly you state “I was unaware that it wasn’t allowed at the time”. As previously mentioned “We display the server rules when you connect to the server, we display the rules on billboards at the spawns and we publish links to our website with additional detail [about the rules].”

For these reasons, I am denying this appeal.