Denied (Perm) - Ban Appeal - Ascension

  1. Exact in game name: Ascension
  2. Player Steam profile copy here Steam Community :: Wrath-Aspect Larkins
  3. Screenshot, or word for word the ban message given upon entering. (Attached)
  4. Name of the admin, and approximate time of ban and the server you were banned from. VileAce, 4:04 PM MST
  5. Any explanation or justification. Reason the ban should be lifted:

It all started when my teammate by the name of “Corey” was in an BTR APC in front of me. I was moving up behind him when He got hit directly by an AT rocket. I then proceeded to say “Oh shit-Corey!” in side channel as it caught me off-guard, and rushed to help Corey out of the APC as he was incapacitated inside of it. (The APC didn’t explode, it only penetrated the armor).

I then proceeded to get kicked for Breaking Rule #13, the ban to be lifted on the 10th (so tomorrow), before I could tell Corey that I was protecting his APC and that he needed to get back quickly. (He force re spawned before I could get to him)

I understand that there may have been a misunderstanding. There was no negative intention towards Corey.

However, I cannot reason nor justify what happened afterwards. I apologize if I sound irritated, but that is the case.

Thinking it was a mistake, I come back into the server to see that my 1 day ban has magically turned into a Rule #1 permanent ban. Now, I can confidently say that I was more than aware of the rule and never made any racist remark towards anyone in-game. The closest thing I can think of to racism that I could’ve possibly said was the word “Banzai” when I was rushing into an enemy controlled town as a CSAT AT infantryman. Just the word “Banzai”, nothing else.

Another reason that I could think of that got me banned for “Racism” is my unit patch. Now I will admit it does look like a Swastika from a distance, but is actually an old pagan symbol representing the sun, as also stated in the unit profile itself.

I do not believe that I did anything that violated rule #13, and especially rule #1. I believe there was an error made during the process. During the match, I did nothing but contribute to my team and was one of the few people that really aimed to revive as many of my friendlies as possible.

Please reconsider this ban. Thank you for your time.

You were initially banned for multiple reports by players that you were in clear violations of NAK rules.

During the investigation I looked back at the chat log and saw:
“i wanted to right wing death squad with you” - that with the reports of TK and general unruliness I was coming in to the game to get a better understanding of you as a player when I personally heard you say something about “White Power” in chat. That brought some clarity to the “right wing death squad” comment, and therefore you were rightly banned for Racism.

Your ban appeal is denied.

I want to clarify some of things that you mentioned in your reply to my appeal, as well as ask for clarification, in order to assist in getting to the bottom of this issue.

The right wing death squad comment was in fact a joke and I never followed it up with any other comment or action relating to it. I apologize if it was hard to tell, I did not get any kind of negative feedback for the comment.

I do not recall ever saying or implying anything about “White power” in chat. There must be a mistake, as I can assure you that I’ve never stated anything related to a specific race. If possible, could I see any logs about me stating this “White Power” message?

I would also like to request clarification on what exactly I was reported for.

Thank you in advance.

We do not have to provide any proof or evidence. The NAK Squad community is not a democracy. But I personally heard the white power statement and the comment about the "right wing death squad " is in the chat logs. According to the rules “We NAK Squad reserve the right to refuse access/service to anyone, at anytime, for any reason.”

I understand that, but I cannot accept that I can be permanently banned just because of what one thinks they heard. I understand that I have an accent; I am a native Ukrainian; which makes me sometimes slur my speech and possibly makes it harder for people to understand me at times. However, at no circumstance is this a good reason to instantly assume that I said the worst thing possible and then persecute me for it. I wish to have an additional discussion about this, and I am even willing to verbally speak with you about it over some kind of voice communication application. I stand with my statement that the right wing death squad thing was a joke, and I have NEVER stated ANYTHING relating to the White race, nor White power.

Important update, please read: I am now in the process gathering a group of players that were in the same server and on the same team and could therefore testify for or against me in an official way. I have already gotten a response from one of them. This does not mean that I still do not want a verbal discussion to occur between you and me so that we can get this situation fixed for good, as unfortunately the ban remaining in place is something that I simply will not accept. Please keep this appeal page unlocked so that further communication between me and you can be facilitated, and that I can finish gathering witnesses. Unfortunately I have a busy day tomorrow so I must go offline, but I can assure you I will be able to resume this conversation tomorrow, and possibly have all witnesses accounted for.

Thank you in advance, I hope that we can come to a good resolution. I will speak to you more tomorrow.

Update: First person has responded. His response has been saved and the screenshot is available online, link below:

His steam account link:

Another person has accepted my steam request, and I will update again once he gives me a response. Notify me when possible about a possible time for the verbal discussion as well as if the link for the screenshot is not operational, I will happily provide another one if necessary.

The ban will not be reversed.