Denied (Perm) - Ban appeal Lucas/ Walkout1

Please use the temple below for your ban appeal.

  1. Lucas or Walkout1
  2. 6561198062624253
  3. (Banned Rule #4 for Perm - expires Perm. By wave. Griefing/Harass
  4. Wave
  5. 2 or 3+ years ago
  6. Nak Nak#1 I&A | Altis
  7. It’s been awhile, I was much younger when I used to play this. don’t really remember what I did but I promise to behave now.
    Just Upgraded my pc recently and downloaded arma again and honestly they’re aren’t any good servers. at least none like Nak. So please if i could be left in. I promise to not break any rules.

Hello Lucas/Walkout 1,

Thank you for your ban appeal. The ban was put in place 24 of december 2019. The offences commited included teamkilling, verbal abuse, stealing and wasting assets, flying without being on teamspeak, firing at base and not least of all, impersonating to be a NAK Elite.

To be clear, it was your third ban over a period of 2 months. Your rule-breaking behaviour was detrimental to the experience of other players in the sense that we received multiple reports and a misconduct report of your behaviour. This combined with the relative short time spent on our servers (15 hours in total) and the nature of the other two bans, I do not see any benefit to our community to reduce this ban and therefore will deny this ban appeal. Thank you for having played on NAK servers and I wish you the best in finding a new server to your liking.